January 27, 2010

Time to doze off!

I am really frigging tired and kind of sleepy. But when I thought I shouldnt sleep during day time, the rain had to pour down harshly. Now with the breeze and the sound of rain, I might doze off in a while.

I woke up today with sores all over my body. We had dance practice last night and we plan to do a whole new dance with stunts and all. So I had to learn how to do cartwheels and tumbling. I know Im so lame that I couldnt do it in the first place, but atleast I got it now. My ass and legs still hurt. But I dont mind. I like doing stunts and everything :) Spent an hour talking or should I say, mumbling in the phone with Zahir before sleeping. I cant remember what we talked about as I was too sleepy to even say a word. Classes today were hard. And in the evening, had to stay back in faculty after Construction to finish up our final project with my group. Will be heading down after prayer at around 8 tonight for another dance practice. Lets hope it'll be more fun and productive. Zahir is out playing futsal and Im so sleepy. Ahhhhhh -___-

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