February 13, 2010

We sure are cute for two ugly people

Finally bought new books! Note that I use plural there. Two books. Both are LC's books. Lover pinched in some money because I only had enough for one. Thank you so much babycakes :)

This morning, I slipped in my baju kurung in the morning and walked to Lecturer's Block to see Dr. Yong. The office said my results were mixed up with another group. But when I arrived there, I saw people swarming around there. After awhile sweating my clothes off, turned out that she moved to another room which was like, a thousand miles away from the old one. I was getting all cranky because I had to walk in the blazing sun. I don't actually mind the walking but the sun was the reason I felt like dying. Having no choice, I had to walk all the way there while the other have their cars. When I arrived, there was someone in her room so I had to wait. Luckily I can wait inside where the AC was on. Nothing felt better than that. After waiting for what felt like decades, turned out my results wasn't there either. God bless Dr.Yong because she actually made the effort to find it for me. She asked for my phone number and everything so she could help. I really appreciate it. So messed up system they have. Sigh

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