March 11, 2010

Milky milky ride

Wow, I can see how dusty this blog is. Everything had been smooth sailing and I was busy living my happy life. Thus making me alienated my precious little blog. I had been assigned to a topic in my IT final project, and I had to write about blogging. That got me thinking to MY blog, of course.

I managed to spend a day out with my girlfriend the other day. We ate, did manicure, went for ice creams. Just a normal girls day out and hell, it was fun! Fara came to fetch me up in college and she was excited to see my room in college as she never had the chance to live like that. Though I don't really get why would anyone want to live like that. Life back at home is so much better. Despite the fact that we can live with friends, that is. At home, I have the AC, I have clean toilet, I have nice bed and comfy pillows and everything else I can't have in college. Maybe Fara just like the idea of living with friends, which really, is so much fun to me too. But at times you might feel a little bit homesick, you know? We headed to Pyramid for late lunch and I found this reasonable priced manicure shop. Seeing how long I've dragged my manicure session, I didn't hesitate. And now my nails are all shaped, shiny and clean :) We went to fetch Nzrn up later on and went to my house. Nzrn and Fara ate Mom's Nasi Lemak and went back. It was a great day :)

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