March 15, 2010

I'm a creep

Alice in Wonderland was fantastic! Definitely a must watch. What more when Johny Depp is being so pretty in that movie. Seriously, of course, his acting was the best but he looks really pretty and charming. I've always love him for his talent and good looks :)

Awish was sleeping the whole time and I constantly kissed him on the cheek. I just can't resist his cuteness. Daddy said he'll reformat everything in my laptop. Because using Ubuntu was fun at first but now, with no flash player, no MSN, no sounds, no movies, I'm starting to get frustrated with this laptop. I asked Daddy to turn it back to Windows but forgot that I got to have a cd external. Which, of course, I don't have. Tried Daddy's external but couldn't work because it's Mac's. So now I'm still stuck with Ubuntu. Maybe soon? I hope. I want to rebuild everything for my laptop. As everyone knows, my laptop was my brother's before he got his current Macbook. You see, my brother loves to like, stick things on his umm, things. He has patches of stickers on his guitars, on his mac's body, everything! This poor little laptop wasn't an exception for being his sticker victim. That was how my laptop became a guitar hero's board. My plan is to get rid of all the guitar hero stickers and substitute it with more glitters! You know the ones you get on your phones? Yeah, I was thinking to stick them on my laptop. Wait till you see it, it'll be amazing, I just know it. I'm so excited! I tend to excite alot lately. I don't know why.

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