March 26, 2010

Home sweet home

People always say 'home sweet home' and I couldn't agree more. I started to realise this when I was actually forced to live away from home. Okay, though my college is just like, 10 to 15 minutes away from home, it's still not the same. Home is just somewhere you want to be at everyday. I know some I'm-a-teenager-and-I'm-too-cool-to-live-with-my-parents really exist in this cruel world but I assure you, I ain't one of them. I love my parents and I DON'T want(or never dream of) living away from parents. Be it if it's only like 3feets away. You can call me a baby or whatever shit you want, I will still love my lovely God given parents and I will still love home best than anywhere else. Well... unless if you count Canada in, then I'll forget all about home. Speaking of which, I really miss Canada. I miss the friendly people, the freezing cold weather, small snow flakes that made our 3layers of clothes and winter jacket wet, the cool streets we walk through, the one dollar shop that sells everything you needed at very low prices, our stops at the park after the long walks to take chocolate breaks, the Niagara Falls that amazed everyone, everything! I remember how Mom and I noticed that all the Canadians smell the same. It was a soothing and elegant smell. Mom and I went to every shop that sells perfumes and smelled each and every bottle of perfumes that were displayed as samples. We went through alot of shops when we found the smell that we've been looking for. It was Christian Dior's Pure Poison. At that time, Malaysia hadn't had Pure Poison, so Mommy bought extra. And how I took every flyers I saw, just for memories. I still have them now and when I miss Canada, I will took out the University of Toronto's hot pink file where I kept all the memories from that trip. Receipts, tags, flyers, plane tickets and everything, and I will look at them one by one, remembering every memory I had with each of them. I seriously miss Canada. Too much that I think I can just drop and die if somebody don't take me to breathe Canada's air soon. I'm not joking!

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