April 30, 2010


As you can already see, I changed my blog skin. I'm starting to get a little bored with the previous one. So anyways, God forgive me for not updating yesterday. I swear I did on my laptop but then realised Daddy brought the broadband with him and I'm too lazy to ask my brother the password for the wireless. Work yesterday was bored like usual. Two of Benefit's supervisors came and only two minutes with them I felt like burning them in hell. I hate the look on their faces, the way they talk, the way they do everything is just plain annoying. I ignore them completely and I don't freaking care what they want to say. Hell, I don't even care if they want to fire me from that lame job because I did well on the sales yesterday, thankyouverymuch. I hope they won't be there tomorrow, fingers crossed. Tailed Mom to school this morning and came back with a tired face plastered. Changed without showering and dozed off in the living room until the moon came up. I think today's world's tiring day because everyone seems pretty gloomy throughout the day. Even the kids were not energetic for the dance training and I had to keep on reminding them to live up. Maybe everyone woke up today and realised life is pathetic or maybe some of them kick start their days with bad hair days.
Work again tomorrow and gosh, I don't even know what to wear. I'll have to raid my closet for black clothes later then. It's so sad that I have to do something I hate for these three days.

Mom, my brother and I argued about the kid that was shot by a cop. I personally think that cop is stupid. Better yet, almost all of the cops are plain stupid and I bet each and everyone of them is suffering from a family dilemma and they tend to release their stress by acting like a cow. Law stated that a cop can't pull the triger unless if they were being shot at. But in this case, that kid was only 15years young and probably afraid because he didn't own a driver's license while the cop has a mind of a 3years old. I told you I hate cops especially the narrow minded ones in Malaysia. They need to at least be educated and please, dunderheads, learn how to open up your mind. Don't think you're a cop, you can be an asshole. I'm starting to get suspicious that cops don't have brains. I bet the main rules and regulations on the application form to be a cop is 'you can't have a brain to be a police.' Pardon my french, but I'm just speaking up my mind.

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