January 22, 2010

The Stress is Over!

Finally, my midterm exams are over! Okay, theres nothing to brag, but at least I can give my brain a rest for a week before I start to cramp back my precious brain. Despite the fact that midterm are over, finals are also just around the corner. I have like, another 2 and a half months till my finals. And I'll be done with my foundation. Everything just passes by ever so quickly these days. I've been a good girl, holding myself back from my white baby here. I havent even touch this laptop, what more press the on button. Its not like I have the time to anyway because I've been spending everyday with books till 4 or 5 in the morning despite that I had to wake up at 730. So yeah, in the past 4 days, I spent like only 8hours for sleep. I really hope I'll do good this semester. Hope all my effort will pay off on the day that results come out. Monday was Physics and Mathematics, the two subjects I always flunked. I spent most of my time the previous week to study these two, but I emphasize on Physics as the formulas and facts are just too much. But guess what? The paper turned out to contain all fact questions. No formulas were needed. But at least Im relieve that I had confidence doing it this time. But the result is a whole different story. Tuesday was Law and Management, the most important subjects this semester. Then it was time for English and Macroeconomics. The last day, which was yesterday, I was so happy that Accounts turned out to be easy and though there were uncertain answers I gave for Construction paper, at least I didnt stress out while doing it. And I thought I did well this time. I hope so :)

Mom and Dad fetched me up at last night. I fell asleep while waiting seeing I was lack of sleep. And continued sleeping in the car. And continued sleeping at home. Until this morning, I woke up with a headache. Thats what I get when I sleep too long. Going out with Zahir today. Not sure what time but he said it'll be late. I ate an apple for breakfast and now Im starving. But whatevs. I dont want to whine about my hunger because theres absolutely no point of complaining when I dont think I will eat later on.

Oh, on Wednesday, I almost collapse because all I ate the whole day was a piece of honey dew. Ika and Noor were so worried and started to lecture me while I was lying down to vanish the massive headache. Noor was so worried when she saw me walking so unstable and I had to hold on to the wall beside me to keep myself from falling down. My sight was so blur and everything was just spinning around me. I saw two Noor(s) when I looked at her. I felt like puking and it was so hard to breathe. I cant remember whether I passed out or I fell asleep, I just fell down on my bed and I cant remember anything after that. I woke up feeling better. Noor forced me to eat but I didnt want to. But just for the sake of Noor, I cooked instant noodle but didnt finish it. Atleast Noor stopped complaining how I didnt eat everyday. And yes, I felt so much better after eating. I have caring friends! Thanks you guys, for taking care of me while I was so sick to even breathe :)

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