January 12, 2010

A good bad day

I spent the whole day with Zahir today! Obviously, thats the good part of today. The bad part is.. sigh, i just hate myself too much to even let it out. Blergh!

Mommy bought me a little black dress for my college's dinner yesterday. We went to Taipan and roamed around the boutiques there. Zahir tailed us too. I wanted his opinion on any dress I was planning to try on. We tried all the boutiques and ended up in one that was full of pretty dresses. I tried on like, a gazillion dresses. In the end, I chose two of the best and asked Mom and Zahir to choose. They both ended up with the same dress. So I settled on the black frill dress Mom and Zahir said was pretty. I love it too! And its chiffon!

So today I started off my day with a knock on my bedroom door. It was so hard to open my eyes as I spent three sweet hours on the phone with Zahir the night before. I forced my eyes to open and dashed towards my door. I opened up the door to see Daddy in his white towel wrapped around his waist and water dripping from his curly black hair. A sign he just showered. He said, 'wakey wakey! You're going to Mom's school this morning.' When I remembered I did promised Mom that I would go to her school to help her with some art stuffs. So I had to dragged myself to the bathroom. I reluctantly showered with my eyes closed. I felt freshen up a little after the cold water hit my face. I had to stopped myself from shivering as it was 8 in the morning and the water was freaking cold. After showering, I blow dried my hair and slipped into my white oversized Forever21 and my black MNG skinny. I had breakfast of a bowl of cereals like usual. Daddy was already out the door by the time I finished washing my dishes. I quickly went to grab my grey studded bag and dashed out. We went to fetch Zahir up at his place and we went straight to Mom's school. Mom said we'll eat first but seeing how I just ate a bowl of cereals, I ordered iced tea while Mommy and lover ate fried kueyteow which looked so tempting. Har. After eating, Mommy went straight to her class to teach English while lover and I went to the library to start on our work Mommy asked to help. We managed to finished off in time. Went to Mydin food court for lunch. Had Yee Mee and I felt so fat. Ugh. Went back home and studied a little while lover fell asleep. I accidentally dozed off too after reading Law for a few minutes. Daddy arrived home and we all went out for dinner including lover at Shah Alam. I know right, food again? But this time I only had a few spoons of Tomyam because I think today had been so fattening. After dinner, we all went to send lover in his college in Bangi. We got around to explore his college too :]

Okay, now. The bad part of the day. It all went well. Until my hands were itching to on my laptop. When I logged into my facebook, I saw all my college mates wrote about their MUET results on their walls. I was like, 'dont tell me the results are out. I cant bare with this now. No. Seriously dont.' But then my itchy hands had to go to Noor's page and saw this one link that will link me to the results' site. The thing with me was, I didnt even hesitate to click on that link. I HAD TO CLICK ON IT and there, you have it. The worst part of today.


I was so shocked I did so bad :(

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