January 3, 2010

I want your everything

Woke up today by the smell of good coffee. I grabbed my LG qwerty and called lover to wish him morning. Yesterday was fun! We arrived in Pyramid and went to Gasoline to eat. Jiji came after. After eating, we roamed around Pyramid which was pretty boring, but with good companies, it wasn't so bad after all :) When the clock striked 1840, we went to the the Scream Park. We were all shivering while queueing up. Once we were in, and all those ghosts came near us, we screamed non-stop. Lover hold on to me really close, I felt so safe being with him :) We sent Jiji back to Bandar Kinrara after and lover sent Nina and I back home. It was a productive day, I must say. And all these had got me thinking, I havent study this weekend, at all. Sigh.

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