December 29, 2009

Because we're together for eternity

Another week past without a single post. Oh great. I went to Singapore last weekend with my family. And came home almost empty handed with almost dislocated legs and numb feet. Singapore was really hectic last weekend because it was Christmas. People were swarming everywhere. Abang and I couldnt find any Topshop/Topman in sight. I dont know why. Managed to get a boxer shorts and a floral skirt. And thats it. Im serious. After all the walking, I actually didnt buy anything. I was so grumpy but then I came to my senses, and realised that it wasnt so bad after all. I didnt buy anything but atleast I spent the whole weekend with my family. Now thats priceless :) Though it was fun in Singapore, I did miss lover. And still missing him now. I havent seen him since Singapore and is so eager to see him today right after my Management class. Yeay!

I bought a floral jacket from Cotton On and I love it! Now how about a leather jacket? :) I dont know why Im so into jackets right now. I think jackets are so cool.

Three of my classes today were canceled. Which gave me time to blog. And now that I've blogged, Im going to take a nap since Im lack of sleep. Au revoir!

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