July 17, 2010

A thousand splendid suns

Orientation was a mess. Well, duh. I know it'll be that bad and that was why I dreaded that particular week. I guess I should start on Saturday, July 3rd. I know that sounds like a decade ago but that was when I started my engine for the future. And of course, because July 3rd was Zahir's birthday. Mommy and I had been planning a couple of months earlier, to throw a surprise party for him but I couldn't write anything about it here since I know he's my number one stalker. He might have sense something even before I type anything. Har. I woke up early that Saturday because I had to go to Nina's school to lend a hand as USJ4 was having some kind of a carnival and her class had a booth to sell candies, marshmallows and everything that's pink. Or purple. Haha. Mommy called me by lunch hour to confirm that everything was ready at home and I could bring Zahir home. I don't know how to describe that day but it was definitely the highlight of my year. As soon as we arrived home, we all sprayed and smothered him with strings and foams near the water fall at my house. Afterwards, the guys lifted Zahir up and literally threw him into the pool. Water splashed everywhere and I know Zahir was worried that he won't have any clothes to wear later on but by the smile on his face, I know he didn't want to care about that. He just wanted to enjoy his birthday and no one's stopping him. Mommy and I were more than happy to see him enjoying his first surprise party. The look on his face when he found out we had party packs to give to everyone, that we had plenty of games to play, that we hid his present in a big box and that we planned all these for him, was just priceless. I wish I could stop the time and capture that moment and that look on his face, just so the happiness I saw in him won't fade. I'm glad he enjoyed his birthday to the fullest :)

The next day was the day I've been dreading. I started packing that morning and this time, I didn't pack too many clothes. Just sport attires that were worth for a week, 2 pillows, toiletries and 2 pair of shoes. Just for the orientation. I was really grumpy when the sun on Sunday decided to show up. Luckily, Zahir tagged along so my mood went better. As soon as I arrived, I searched for Siti and Nikki since we planned to register together and hopefully to get us all in the same room. But of course, it wasn't our lucky day, we were all assigned to different rooms with strangers. Fortunately, our rooms are all on the same floor. The days were a massive burden on my shoulders since we got to turn in late for the night but had to wake up so early the next morning, we had to walk around the campus carrying the backpack they gave us and we had to even bring our umbrellas everywhere we go. Yes, even if all we had to do was sit and listen to a career talk or something. I don't see the need to bring an umbrella to a career talk but who am I kidding? It's orientation for a University, not some posh private college or something. They asked us to do weird stuffs, they asked us to do that and this and they screamed at us every night just so we'll be ready and to toughen us up so we'll survive by our own. I really hated the orientation to the extend that I was thinking of sneaking out of it but by the support of Zahir's and Mommy's texts, I sucked it up and just lived with it. I pushed myself to bare with the filthy bathrooms and all the walks. By the third day, I was actually having fun. I made new friends and some of them are from Iran, Arab Saudi, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and China. I was actually looking forward for the events day by day. Let me tell you, the last night of the orientation was definitely the greatest ever. I had so much fun that night. My night turned even better when I saw Zahir waiting for me by his car to bring me home. We stopped at McDonald's in Taipan for supper and as soon as I finished my Chicken McDeluxe, I dozed off.

And so I can now call myself a degree student. I started class this week and well, it's just the first week. I think we all know what happens on the first week. Every class was just a brief about what we will be learning and stuffs. My Accounts' class hasn't start yet though since the lecturer cancelled our class this week. My schedule looks a lot more relaxing than the one I had last year. So, more time to blog then. I hope. I performed for the Archinight again this year. It wasn't as fun as it was last year but it was okay.

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