June 27, 2010

When we look into each other's eyes

Friday and Saturday were definitely the highlights of my week. The girls were here on Friday and we rent the dance studio by the pool for a couple of hours. We had so much fun dancing and the girls looked like they ate 134 packets of sugar. They couldn't stop running around, shouting, singing and everything. Though it sounds like annoying but to me, that what makes them adorable. In the midst of dancing, I saw Zahir at the studio's door. I was all happy then and waved for him to come in. He watched us dance until we finished. The girls were so excited to swim that they pulled me by the hands to the pool. They changed into their swimsuits while Zahir and I went up to change too. We had even more fun swimming and Mommy joined us too. When the clock hit 1920, we went up, showered and got ready for dinner. We all went down to the bistro by the pool. We dug in our meals as soon as they arrived. Simply because we were famish. The girls finished their dinner in a blink of an eye, I guess they were so hungry since they dance and swam earlier. After eating, they all went running to the playground, leaving Zahir and I at the table with Mommy and one of the girls' Mom at the table beside us. Zahir and I talked for a while until I decided to join them at the playground along with Nina and Ipan. We went a few rounds on the swing when it was time to say goodbye.

So yesterday was SKSS's Walkathon. I had to wake up early in the morning and got ready for the day. Mommy drove to Zahir's to fetch him since he was joining us. After an exhausting morning, we went to lunch at Murni. Everyone was practically drown in their food. Har, we went back after, bringing Zahir along. All of us fell asleep in the living room until almost 2100. Yes, all of us. Mommy, Daddy, Ipan, Zahir, Izer(my neighbour/a family friend) and I. Nina slept too but she was in her room. At night, I was waken up by Zahir, saying he needed to go back since his Mom asked him to buy dinner. Luckily, Daddy and Mommy wanted to go to Taipan to buy cat's food. After Taipan, we sent Zahir home. Though all we did was attending a walkathon, had lunch and slept the whole day, but I still had fun as Zahir was with me all the time.

Daddy was in Sabah on June 20th which was Father's Day. Hence we didn't have the chance to give him any presents on that day. So last night, my siblings and I made an album for him together. He was sleeping when we tip toed into his room. He was surprised when he saw all all of standing by his bed. Though his eyes barely opened, he still managed a smile that I know was sincere. We all literally smothered him with kisses all on his face before going to bed. I just love my family :)

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