June 25, 2010

Dance dance

The girls are coming to my house later this afternoon. We're going to try and rent the dance studio at the pool to practice. The reason we changed our venue to my house instead of the school hall is because of that old virgin. You know, the LEE BITCH, according to Mommy. Yeah, we figured why should we see her ugly face again in that school? I might die if I see her face again, no kidding. The girls were so excited to come to my house and I think it's better for us since we're going to practice in a proper dance studio now. Zahir's coming over to hang with us and watch us dance too.

I'm about to finish Dear John, I'm at the part where John left Savannah and Tim's house. It was so sad that I had to like, stop reading for a while to dwell on my tears. Seriously. Savannah is so stupid, I wouldn't leave someone like John in the first place even if it means to wait for him for a year or two. I wouldn't mind because that's what love is about: Sacrifices.

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