September 10, 2010

Eid Mubarak

Tears were running down our cheeks as we apologised and forgave each other on this special day. Eid this year was nothing like last year or all the other years before. I've grown and everyone has too. It never occur to be that I'm able to cry, thinking that there were so much sins and words I've thrown that hurt my family. Never did I thought Nina would cry too, while she stood on her knees in front of me and apologised. She hugged me tightly and kissed me on my right cheek. I thought she was playing around but then I realised she was sobbing. Everyone was confused why she cried while apologising to me when she didn't shed a single tear while apologising to everyone else.

We all went to pray for Eid this morning. It was the first for us to celebrate Eid in Subang Jaya and pray here. The mosque were so full but we managed to push ourselves through the swarm of people. So far, today had been pretty dull other than taking photos with the whole family making ugly faces and eating Mommy's Chicken Rendang. The cousins, aunts and uncles will be arriving soon and I can't wait. It's always nice to have guests coming to your house on Eid. Frankly, this year isn't that much fun but I guess I couldn't judge now since it's only 12 in the afternoon on the first day of Eid.

By the way, wishes had been coming in since last night but my credit had run out. I had never been a fan of sending wishes to people anyway. I only wish people on their birthdays and that depends on whether or not I'm close to them. Which means, I only send not more than 15 wishes a year and that includes birthdays, Eid and everything else that needs wishes. Har. I'm not arrogant nor am I unfriendly. I just don't find keeping in touch or being close to lots of people is necessary. As long as I have the people that I love around me, I'm happy. I love making friends and I can be friendly but not attached, simple as that.

Again, Eid Mubarak to everyone. Enjoy this special day wherever you are :)

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