January 1, 2011

The nerve wrecking results

My friends and I had been waiting for our finals' results since last week and I came to a point where I gave up and chose not to care what my results will be. But of course, I still prayed that I will get above 3. Through my one year of Foundation in Built Environment in UM, I have never achieved anything above 3. I got a 2.66 during my first semester and 2.77 during the second or you might say the last semester of the Foundation program. I always dreamed of getting at least 3.0 GPA, just so I can feel the happiness and joy when I excel in my exams. But tough luck, Chemistry, Physics and Trigonometry always chase my dream of getting a 3.0 away from me. I'm no genius in Maths nor Science, I'm more-to-the-facts kind of student. But when I got through my Degree doing Property Management, which consists of mostly facts subjects, my hopes went high.

I was so eager to know how I did in my finals because I really wanted to know is Property management a good choice for me. I checked my results later than my friends despite I was the one who was so eager to know the results. But only because I was on a plane, on my way back to Malaysia from Bandung. I just had the most amazing shopping experience in Bandung and when I was about to board the plane, a text message made me from excited to nervous. I expected it to be Zahir as he was the one who will be waiting for me at the KL International Airport but it turned out to be Reena. She told me that the results were out and suddenly, my good mood turned to nervous. My heart was thumping 290458340398509 times per milisecond when I got on the plane. I wanted to know my results right there and then but since the plane was about to fly off, I had no other choice but to wait till I reach Malaysia. Thank God Indonesia isn't that far and it only took less than a couple of hours to reach Malaysia. As soon as the plane touched down, I quickly grabbed my things and walked so fast to get into the airport so I can get wireless connection. And you know what? My results were shocking. According to my previous CGPAs, I thought as high as I can get is a 3.10 or something. My jaw dropped to the floor and my eyes nearly popped out of its' sockets when I saw this..

3.63??!! I have no intention to brag but I've never been good in my exams since I was in high school, so getting above than 3.5 when I only expected to get 3.0 just made me happy. I thanked Allah non stop when I saw my results because without Allah, I'm nothing. I really appreciate everything Allah has given me. Though I'm not really satisfied with my English result but Alhamdulillah, I finally made it. I finally achieved above 3.0 and that's more than enough for me. Reena, Miejah and Noor achieved above 3 too and I'm proud of my girls. So, congratulations to my girls and to all my classmates. I hope my second semester will be as good as the first, if not, better :)

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