February 25, 2011

Dinner at Fara's

Last December, Fara's brother, Abang Jo got married. I know, I know! Sorry for not posting a post about it. December was such a lazy month for me. Actually, every month is lazy month to me. But anyway, Fara and I were the bridesmaids. I was so honoured that her parents thought of me to play a big role for the most important day of their lives. The wedding went so well, the bride and groom looked so sweet together :)

Last night Fara's Mom prepared a lovely dinner for everyone that helped during the wedding. I was excited because Aunty Azmah's food is always nice! I kept my stomach empty just so I can stuff myself at night. Zahir was invited too since he was one of the bridesmaid(but he's a guy. So does that make him a brides..guy?) too. Zahir could sense how starving I was in the car so he drove so fast. Too fast, in fact, so I asked him.

Me : Why are you rushing? Where do you want to go?

Zahir : Because you're hungry right? I thought you want to be there as fast as you can so you can eat..

I was hungry, but that doesn't mean you can drive like you're in some kind of a race or something. I almost got a heart attack because I don't like driving too fast. Okay, maybe I was whining the whole way about how hungry I was. And maybe Zahir couldn't stand the noise I made in the car that he couldn't wait to get out of the car and shut me up. But seriously, I was really hungry!!

As soon as we arrived, I went straight to the food. I met her parents first of course, then I went to the food. Aunty Azmah cooked Nasi Tomato with all sorts of chickens and beefs and potatoes. I ate them all! You know what's my favourite part? Desserts, of course! I saw Creme Caramel on the dining table and my eyes instantly lit up. Literally! I've been Aunty Azmah's Creme Caramel's fan since I was 14. How can I not lit up when I saw it last night? :p

Fara made Chocolate Shake which I love, complete with the whipped cream an all! She learnt how to make Chocolate Shake from Chili's as she's working there. Ahh, the perks of working in restaurants with nice drinks. I think if I work at Chili's, I'll be an obese by now because giving the chance to learn how to make nice creamy drinks, I'd surely make them every single day. I had a chance to meet Kak Amy, who is Fara's friend and we got to know each other at the wedding. She is really nice and sweet :) And she reads my blog too. *blush*

After eating, I was exhausted and sleepy because I had a hectic day. By 11pm, my eyes were about to quit in front of Fara's flat screen tv, so I told Zahir we should excuse ourselves. It's almost midnight anyway. I don't want to worry Mom and Dad at home. We said our goodbyes and I almost fell asleep in the car but I restrained. When I arrived home, Mom was fast asleep on the couch, waiting for me. I woke her up to let her know I'm home and kissed her good night. I removed my make up and washed up, climbed into my bed and.. I can't remember what happened next. Maybe because I fell asleep the second I landed my head on my pillows!


♥Syamelia♥ said...

realized that the 3 of us were in black legging.. hehehhe...

gosh! lamanya u kawan with fara...
hope yr friendship will last 4ever...

aunty masak sedap kn..
nasi tomato.. ayam merah... caramel...

Ayeen Kadir said...

Yeah kan, semua pakai leggings. Haha mmg lama. We've been bestfriends since we were 9 :D Alaaa sdap la, I feel like eating nowwww hihi :D