February 27, 2011


Don't you just hate it when you planned to cut your fingernails before you sleep and the next day you wake up with a stain on your duvet? Or whenever you think you need a hair cut, you have to wait till your period is over? I always have to face these situations. For Muslims, we can't cut our hairs, our fingernails or shave during the time of the month. This is because it's said that we can't discard whatever on our body during our dirty days. But if you really want to get that Rachel Bilson's hair cut ASAP, you can. On one condition though. Collect all the hairs that have been cut out and when you finish your period, you'll have to 'mandi wajib' together with all the hairs. Yeah, I know right. Sounds gross, that's why I'm always patient when it comes to trimming my hair during my period. So if you ever see my hair with split and dry ends, you know that I'm on my period. Speaking of which, I haven't trimmed my ends for so long. No, not because I'm having period THAT long but because I've been lazy to pay the salon a visit.

Frankly speaking, I don't really have problems when my time of the month comes. Except the fact that I'll have period cramps on the first day to the extend that I can't walk properly. I always envy Mom because she never had any of those cramps. She said that people who eat and drink too much ice or cold water will have the cramps(okay, plead guilty!). And there's always PMS. It comes a week before you get your period. So when you feel grumpy the whole time, you might want to get ready. As if the PMS is not enough, your self-esteem goes down too. Most girls will find themselves ugly and fat during their period days. I have to admit, I feel that way too during my time of the month. But these past months, I've been better. I don't feel grumpy all the time and I also don't look down on myself whenever I'm standing in front of my mirror. I don't know how I do it, but I guess I've grown. You should try to look at your good traits rather than your flaws and just fight back. Fight your PMS, fight your insecurities. Trust me, you'll be fine :)

And don't you just hate heavy flows?! Gosh, I always have to face super heavy flow the first day! But thanks to Kotex, I don't have to worry. I can even wear light toned jeans with confidence during my period. I've been using Kotex practically my whole life. I always stock up my Kotex pads like I'll be having my period for ten years and I even use their panty-liners!
I should get a reward for the "Best Loyal Customer' or something.

See, guys. Being women is not easy!

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