March 1, 2011


I like painting. I used to do fine arts when I was in high school and I took Arts for an extra subject in my SPM. Mind you, I scored A1, though I have no idea why I can't even lift up a brush these days.

But anyway, that's not what I meant when I said painting in this post. When I said painting, meaning painting the walls. Last Saturday I went to Zahir's to help his family to repaint the house. Yes, the whole house. Before you go, Wow Ayeen paints the whole house?! on me, I should be honest. I didn't. Paint, I mean. All I did was help to tear off the wallpapers from the walls and that was pretty much it actually. What? I don't like painting surfaces bigger than an A3 paper..

I frankly thought it'll be fun. To paint the house with your boyfriend sure does sound fun. But how should I know if it's really fun because I didn't even get to touch the brush. I only had that thing where you use to flatten the cement to scrape off the wallpaper. I had fun nonetheless. To be around great people is always nice! Okay, I think I better admit why I didn't get to paint. I arrived late because Mom and I had to run some errands. Like picking up our Baju Kurungs from the tailor and window shopping :p Shopping IS considered as an errand okay! I arrived at 6pm, so there was nothing much left to do excpt for a few things inside the house. It was almost Maghrib anyway, so I didn't get to even produce a single sweat by the time we stopped for dinner. I was secretly jumping in joy inside when I heard the word 'dinner'. Though scrapping off the wallpaper with Zahir was so much fun but dinner sounds more fun to me.

I was so committed to my work okay. Fine, it wasn't much but still..

After the wallpapers had gone off(which sounds easy but it's not!), we all got ready for dinner. I think I've grown a few muscles on my arms by then.

I was so eager to do the work because it was my first time doing something different with Zahir. It has always been the movies, malls, cafes, malls and malls. It wasn't that bad actually to get sweaty sometimes. Especially when you do something you enjoy doing and with a great company. It's really healthy to be sweaty once in a while :)

I had fun, really. To prove it, I volunteered myself to Zahir's Mom to help again this weekend. See, I'm not just good at shopping. I also happens to know how to scrap wallpapers from the walls. Scraping wallpapers should be a profession too, you know!

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