March 5, 2011

Cleaning up!

I managed to get some 'me' time this morning. Both my parents left for Langkawi for the weekend and they left early in the morning. My sister went to school. So I woke up and thought it was a perfect time for me to organise my things. Seriously, my room is getting dusty and messy! So then it began..

For a moment, I didn't know what to do with all these things!

Then I started with my accessories.

Took me about an hour to decide on which compartment to put my rings, my necklaces, my earrings, bracelets..

And the hardest dilemma was to decide whether I should just throw away the old chunks. I know I won't wear them any more but it's either I bought it with my own money or I used to wear it a whole lot! And of course, a few other reasons to convince myself not to throw them away. I managed to toughen up and bid farewell to some of my accessories because it's not worth the space if I know I won't even wear them. After so many goodbyes, I managed to keep only the ones I need and will wear.

Deciding on whether I still need those nail polishes is another thing. I used to love colouring my nails with soft pink or purple during my period every month(since Muslims can't perform their prayers if they have polishes on their nails). But as I grow, I barely touch those colourful bottles. So I thought, maybe I should just let them go too.

Since my sister is still a fan of colourful nails, I passed them to her. Luckily, giving away my nail polishes wasn't as hard as giving away my accessories.

As I was deciding which box should I put my shades and which box should I put my hair products, I saw my cat trying to help me decide.

Apparently, he loves boxes too much. He jumped into one after another. I bet he thought he was in heaven since all these pretty boxes were all around him! I was distracted for a little while because of Ginger.

The whole process of cleaning up took the whole day but it was all worth it. I never felt so good! And getting rid of my old stuffs was such a relief. YES of course it was hard but I'll get over it when I go shopping :p I found a lot of memories, here and there. And that's the greatest part of cleaning up. I found hundreds of books tucked at the back of my closet. I used to collect the Olsens' twins and Lizzie McGuire's books. I loved them so much that the last time I cleaned my room, I didn't have the heart to throw them away. But today I set them up in a big box and placed it safely in the back room. That way I can always visit the back room whenever I miss those books. I also found all my medals when I was still in school. I was shocked to see how active I was in school compared to me now. I used to participate in netball, handball, high jump, long distance run. You name it , I've participated. I know, I know, I can almost see your 'Are you serious?!' look already!

I'm surprised I'm not in a Sports course right now in college! Despite how I've become now, I do miss my days back then. I used to jog almost everyday and I will go to school for netball practise even if the sun is directly above my head. And the feeling when my name was called in front of the assembly for the prize giving. Ahh priceless!

After spending hours cleaning up, I finally finished up by vacuuming my room.

After throwing away all the stuffs that I don't need, I realised that I need more rings, earrings and necklaces.

All the jackets, chiffons and traditional clothes that I love are hanged since they're my priorities.
Not that I don't love the others, but you get me right?

Again, OBVIOUSLY I need more tops and pants. Duhh!
Tried to do the whole colour coordinated thing but since I don't have enough tops in my closet after throwing away 4 plastic bags worth of clothes, I failed. Miserably. Have I told you I need new tops??

I changed the frames on my bed side table and placed the rose that Zahir gave me beside the photo of him and me :)

Pheww who would have thought cleaning up your room means making life changing decisions? Should I throw away that ring? Should I just donate this top? Would Nina take care of this dress if I pass it down to her? There were a whole lot more than that in my head, you have no idea.

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