April 17, 2011

Visiting the reckless driver

Reckless driver? Zahir, who else! Mama and I went to visit him on Saturday, like we planned because he was in an accident the day before. The first thing I saw when I parked my car in front of his house was his bandaged wrist. So I started interrogating once we were in his house while Mama talked with his parents. I found out how he lose control of the car and how the car fell down and trailed along the road. It was such a scary situation and I could only imagine how he went through all that. Alone. I would've been there with him but I wouldn't know what to do, though I can picture myself panicking and screaming.

It's a good thing he knew what to do and jumped to the other side of the car before the car fell to the ground. He told me when he got out of the car, it was still raining and he saw his skin on his wrist was torn. Blood was all over his arm and it's actually good to know that at least some people still care about others. A car stopped and helped him. Zahir even showed me the photos of his car in his camera. The window and side-mirror are gone, massive scratches here and there. But the most important thing is not the car, but it's driver. Thank God other than his wrist, he's okay. Seeing his condition, I was relieved a little because it was not as I imagined (which was scratches on his face and a broken arm) but just his wrist. Though it's kind of sad to see him in that condition. All I can do is pray for him to get better soon.

Despite his injuries, we all had a good laugh over tea yesterday. We all talked so much that Mama and I lose track of time and we were late to fetch Nina up from her Art's class. Zahir's Dad showed us Zahir's childhood photos and seeing how I published my embarrassing photo when I was little, I'm going to embarrass him too now.

Though I doubt he has anything to be embarrass about. Look at him! John Lennon's hair, that adorable eyes, gap teeth, that cheeks, that laugh! And I'm starting to think his Mom brings him to the salon to do his eyebrows since he was little!

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