April 17, 2011

Make it unlucky week

My previous post was about my unlucky Thursday. Guess what? It didn't stop there. Allah was really testing me this week, but Alhamdulillah with good people around me who gave me advices and all the shopping I did to release the stress, I feel better. And now I know, shopping can REALLY make you feel better. I felt so depressed with my assignments and studies, then it was the clamp thing. And on Friday, Zahir had an accident. Not a minor one, I'm afraid. I've never experienced something like that before and no one close to me had gone through something like that, so I panicked. I panicked more than Zahir's Mom did.

As usual, Zahir sent me to college that evening and he was supposed to fetch me up at 5pm. When I walked out of the class, an unknown number flashed on my phone screen. Wondering who it was, I answered the call and heard Zahir's voice on the other end. He sounded normal, so I thought it was nothing.

"Please ask Mama to come fetch you in college okay?"
"What? Why?"
"I'm at the clinic, I can't fetch you. So call Mama and ask her to fetch you in college."
"I had an accident", he said with a chuckle. A CHUCKLE! Who chuckles when they had an accident???
"Are you serious? What happened? How did it happen? You drove too fast when you know it's raining so heavily like this, I'm sure!"
"Just call Mama and ask her to fetch you okay? I'll let you know everything later."

It wasn't like I have any choice. So I hung up and called Mama. Mama panicked too when I told her why she was the one who had to fetch me. While waiting for Mama to arrive, I had to wait there in college with Reena and Mijah. I wanted to cry so badly but I held back the tears because it was public. So I called Fara to let it all out. I was about to burst but I still held it in. When Mama arrived, I literally jumped in my seat and ran towards the car. My stomach was full of butterflies the whole way back. The traffic was such a killer, so we didn't get to see Zahir and his parents at the hospital because he was done with his stitches and all. So Mama decided to visit him at his place the next day, to give him time on his own to settle down at home.

I was being so inpatient because I wanted to see how his real condition was!!!

And after seeing this on my Twitter's timeline...

It'll be crazy to NOT visit him a.s.a.p! His car was lying there on the road like that, obviously I need to see the driver's condition! But Mama insisted we should give him and his family some time to settle. So I had no choice but to wait until the next day....

And cry until it's time to visit him.

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