June 7, 2011


If I were to write everything about Bangkok here, I need one whole day. Probably two, with all the photos I have in my laptop. So I'm just going to highlight a few things.

It was my first time ever to land in Bangkok. At first, I thought it was going to be okay. But, it turned out not just okay. It was super awesome!! And I think you all know why..


Everywhere I go, shopping is always on top of my list. That's why I prefer travelling to places with nice shopping places rather than just nice sceneries and that is the reason why I love London, Bandung and Beijing. But seriously, shopping in Bangkok was much much better than Bandung. I never thought it could be that great! When we landed, the moon was already up, so we only had dinner and turned in as we were kind of tired from the flight.

But we were so energetic the next day after breakfast.

We spent the whole day walking around. First to Siam Paragon where we found this :

Look at all the ducks!!! So cute, with the colours and all...

I couldn't resist. Hehe.

We spent the whole day at MBK after that. Like usual, I will fall in love with bags first, clothes second. So yes, I fell in love with two bags the second I laid my eyes on them. Now I have an electric blue and a lilac bag to welcome to my bag family :p
MBK was so full of bags and that was why I thought it was a shopping heaven...

Until we went to another mall the next day.

I swear, Nina and I both went completely crazy there. We couldn't help but to enter every store to purchase something. Like Dad said, "I've never seen you both so excited". I mean, who wouldn't be??
When it was the day to go back, Nina and I were really sad because we haven't done with the shopping spree yet. We wanted more time :(

So here's one thing I'm excited about other than going shopping. I went on a Tut tut! It was such a great experience for me though I had the hardest time to think whether it was clean for me to hold on to the side bars whenever we took a turn. But after several rides, I didn't care because I put on sanitizer on my hands before getting on a Tut tut. However, there were Tut tuts that are clean and nice. Some of them even have pretty colours like pink and purple! If you ask me, I prefer Tut tut than taxis because Tut tut is much more fun!


Anna said...

ha3, if you & your sister were like that, how about your mother then? ;)

Ayeen Kadir said...

She was actually the same :p