July 14, 2011

Arsenal Vs Malaysia

I'm not a fanatic when it comes to football but I do know a little bit of it here and there. To me, football means only one thing : Arsenal. I started watching football with my elder brother and seeing he's one of the Arsenal's supporters, I became one too. I don't know what position they have on the field or what tricks they have in football. But if you ask me who Nasri is, or who Walcott is, I can answer you. That's why I said, football = Arsenal. My football knowledge only revolve around Arsenal.

Since my brother flew off to California to further his studies, gone were the days where I would tag my brother along in the middle of the night to McDonald's to watch football live. I had nobody to bring me to watch Arsenal and I became more oblivious on the dates of Arsenal's matches. I don't even know when the football season is now! My brother was my football guru, you can say.

However, if I didn't know that Arsenal was coming to Malaysia to have a friendly match with Malaysian football team, that would be too embarrassing. Being a little fan of Arsenal, of course I should know if they were coming to my country. So, I decided, why not enjoy football like I did when my brother was here? I asked Zahir to bring me to the game and Zahir didn't hesitate. He went straight to purchase the tickets for us both. Zahir was a Man United fan once, but I don't know when did he decide to be a traitor and supports Arsenal instead.

The game was a whole lot of fun. I enjoyed it so much and I lost my voice for shouting and cheering (mostly for Arshavin and Walcott. Hehe). Zahir said it wasn't impossible for Malaysia to win and I completely disagree. Not to sound mean or anything but I was so sure that Malaysia wouldn't win.
We argued about this before the game.

Zahir : Don't underestimate, Malaysia had grown to such great players. They have the possibilities to win tonight.

And of course, I replied with a simple "We'll see", with a smirk on my face. I know I'm so mean. But really, Malaysia has great football players but UK has the greatest football players. So you do the math.

The stadium was packed with people and knowing me, I couldn't breathe in there when people started to smoke cigarettes all around me. Luckily, they stopped smoking when the game started.

While I was watching the game, without me realising, I was cheering for Malaysia too. I mean, I know Arsenal would win the game but I couldn't help it. I'm a Malaysian myself and seeing my country playing on the field, I felt patriotic all of a sudden.

But when the game ended and Arsenal won 4-0, I turned to Zahir and said :

"What did I tell ya, what did I tell ya?" in his face. He probably would slap my face if I wasn't his girlfriend. Hehe.

Of course I looked terrible after the game considering the fact that I jumped, cheered and everything else but who cares. Arsenal won and Zahir was wrong. That made my day. Haha!

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