July 14, 2011

All about being organised

Would you consider yourself as an organised person? Because I do. I'm a forgetful person and I won't remember anything without reminders. That's why I love to stay organised. I organised my wardrobe, I organised my stationary, I organised my books, I pretty much organised everything so I won't forget anything. For instant, I organised my wardrobe colour coordinated so I would know where to peek when I need to get a top. All my jackets are hung so I won't have to search through the whole wardrobe and just snatch one whenever I want to dash out, my denims are all folded in one corner and my sleepwear are all at the bottom compartments. See. It's so easy that way. I don't need to waste time to like, search the whole wardrobe just for a pair of denim or a top. I stashed all my heels in their boxes under my bed, all my sandals are in the shoe racks at the front door of my house, all my art stuffs are in a box labelled "Art Stuffs" (duh, Ayeen!) in my room, my rings are in my ring box, my earrings are displayed on the earring display thing, my bracelets are in their boxes, my make ups are in their compartments according to lip cosmetics, face, eye cosmetics and blushers, my skincare are in one box, my hair accessories are in one bowl and my electrical hair appliances are in one basket and the lists can go on and on. That is why I never misplaced any of my stuffs. I always know where to find things that I need or want at that moment. Not trying to brag or anything, but that's just how I am. I like things organised.

Despite all the things that I organised in my room, I had problems remembering events or things like "go to Watson and buy shampoo" or "bring notebook tomorrow!". I always had to stick post it notes on my computer's screen so I won't miss the reminder every morning. Sometime around this year, I figured that it's time for me to get myself a real planner. Enough with the post it notes. I brought Zahir along to help me choose a nice planner. I went to MPH, of course, and got this planner :

It's red, of course seeing it's my favourite colour. You can get it at any MPH stores for only RM89.90 which is reasonable considering it's quality. They also have in different colours, so go check them out, who knows they might have your favourite colour too!

I love this planner so much that I carry it pretty much everywhere I go (if my bag of the day can fit it in) and the fact that it has this button flap to secure it so it won't open up and damage the pages when you put it in your bag or something. I really like this type of planner opener instead of just a vertical stretchable strap in front of the planner. Or sometimes there are even planners without anything to secure the pages, which is even worse. So I like this type of planners and can you see the texture of the planner? It's like crocodile leather but it's actually faux, which makes it even better. Because well, if it's real crocodile skin, you won't even see me holding that thing. I actually had the hardest time to choose between this texture or the normal flat texture, but Zahir insisted that this one is way better. I finally decided to agree with him and this texture looks classy and it really suits me.

So, when you open the planner, it looks like this :

You'll see card holders at the side and a compartment at the back of it. I keep most of my cards in my wallet so I only have my RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) student membership card and my old student card that I don't use any more in here because I don't use both often.

At the front page, I have my little blogshop's sticker.

When you open up the planner, you'll see all the colourful separators that are labelled, this way you can be as organised as you can get. In the Information part is all your details like name, address and everything, just like any planner has and in the Daily part, it has all the Important dates to fill.

Okay, so now you know all my family and friends' birthdays. Hehe.

When you flip the page, you'll see this big Year Planner, where you have to pull out the page because it's bigger than the planner itself. I don't use this planner at all, so it kind of just sits there, untouched.

The next section is the part where I use and write on most. The daily routine, where I write what events I have, what to bring the next day, a date or anything like that. I jot down everything daily. I check my planner everyday, so I know I won't miss anything unless I forgot to jot it down in my planner. Another thing I like is the marker that has 'TODAY' written on top of it to mark the day. It's easier to find today's page, just find the marker rather than flipping through pages after pages.

There are also the Notes section, where I write down my "what to buy this month", "what to do this week" and "my wish list".

It also has this Finance section which is so convenient. You can write down all your incoming and outgoing money and at the far back of this section, it has monthly financial summary too.

There are more card holders at the back, clear ones this time. And I put my Little Hellion's business card and also Benefit's, just because Benefit's card is pretty. Hehe.

There is this pocket holder too, where you can put anything you want. Personally I always keep my receipts in there, so I can allocate everything I bought and check back with the Finance section, whether the calculations I made right or wrong. Every month, I'll throw away the previous receipts and start collecting the current month's receipts.

At the end of the planner, there's another compartment. I don't know what to keep in there so I left it empty.

Of course, every planner must have a pen holder at the side. I need to find a nicer pen than that blue Faber Castell one. I purposely put this I heart NZ pen to make it look nicer because I usually bring this pen in my bag, not in my planner.

So if you're the type that loves organisation and all things neat, your must have is a planner. MPH and Borders are great places to find pretty planners. But if you're looking for something decent enough but doesn't cost too much, then you can check out Popular Book store or Big Bookshop.

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