August 10, 2011


How do we know the people around us are genuinely sweet, caring and nice? How do we know they're not faking in front of us? How do we know they don't talk and don't do things behind our backs? How do we know they're not not lying to our faces? And most importantly, how do we know if all the words they spit out are true?

Now, that's the problem. We don't know. We won't know unless you're a superhero who can read other people's minds, which I doubt any of you are. We all live in a society full of liars, scams and betrayers. Be it friends, family, business partners or even lovers. To me, there are no such thing as little white lies. Lies are lies, doesn't matter how big or small the lie is. So have you ever wondered why people tend to lie or betray the person they claimed to love? I don't understand and I'm so curious to know. If they swore they love you but they still do things behind your back or even talk bad about you with another person, then what does love even mean to them? To me, a genuine person will never talk bad about people they love, friends and family. They won't even have the slightest bit of intention to hurt people they love because for sure, they wouldn't want the person they love walk away from their life, right? Hurting people you love? Forgive me, but I think that's plain stupid.

Another thing that I'm curious about is people who tend to break their promises. To me, if the word 'promise' comes out from my mouth, I will do it. I will hold on to that promise. I won't simply break the promise just because I was influenced by a friend or by a temptation. A promise in my dictionary means something that you will hold on to in whatever condition you're in, forever. So why do people break their promises anyway? Doesn't a promise mean anything to them? I'm so confuse when people promise all the time but never hold on to them. It bothers me so much when people promise just to gain trusts. Once they've gained the trusts, they'll start to break all the promises they made. I'm wondering, aren't they guilty of doing things like that?

So if you think you're a person who likes to talk bad about the ones you love, likes to lie in front of people you love, likes to betray people around you, you better stop now before it's too late. Because if you don't change the way you treat people, the next thing you know, your loved ones might be walking out on you in no time.

So have you ever experienced a betrayal, a lie, a heartache or anything like that? If you have, tell me your stories in the comment below or if you want it to be private, email me. I would love to hear all your stories!

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