August 2, 2011

What I loved in July??

I'm not trying to copy anyone's idea but I saw a lot of people doing their "Favourite of the month" on Youtube and I figured, why not we start doing it on Blogger? It's going to be so much fun, looking at people's favourites, so we'll know which product is worth trying. So yeah, I decided to start on my monthly favourites from now.

I have a few things in July that I've been obsessing with. From beauty to accessories and I'll even include my book of the month! So let's start with the beauty favourites of July!

First, I've been head over heels with Sephora's Mineral Compact Foundation.

I've been wearing this almost everyday. It covers all my flaws but still doesn't feel heavy on my face. It's so pigmented, that it looks like I didn't put anything on my face! It's so good and the price is much lesser than other high end products. I can't remember the price but it's around RM 60 something. Definitely a good investment!

Next up on my July favourites is Benefit's Coralista Powder Blush. This is the only blusher that I love so much and I carry it around everywhere I go!

My favourite part of make up is blushes. So it's very important to me to get a very good blusher. Coralista never disappoint me and it works good on any skin tone. And I like the fact that it has a little bit of shimmer in it, but when you apply it on your cheeks, it doesn't look so shimmery, it just adds a subtle glow. It costs about RM 130, which is kind of expensive for a single blusher, but I guarantee you, it's totally worth every cent! I bet Coralista will still be on my August Favourites!

That is, if I still have it. I only have this much left! :(

I have another Benefit's product next on my favourites. This cream shadow/liner in the shade RSVP is my absolute favourite eye shadow.

It's perfect for everyday make up, so I always apply this cream shadow all over my eyelids and I'm good to go. It gives me the natural eye look and it really brightens up my eyes without much effort.

Because of this Grow Luscious mascara from Revlon, I turned into a mascara freak.

I wasn't a fan of mascaras but because of this one, I tend to wear mascara almost everyday! I love the fact that this mascara doesn't leave excess on my eye lashes like some of mascaras do. And I also love that it isn't hard to remove. I hate mascaras that need like, a day to completely vanish from my lashes! This Revlon Grow Luscious gives enough volume and lengthens my lashes and it isn't hard to handle!

Next is another Revlon's product, their Colourburst lip gloss in the shade Sunset Peach.

I've been wearing this a lot lately because it matches everything and it isn't sticky. It's light on my lips and I love the shimmers it has in it!

I'm fussy when it comes to deodorant. I hate deodorants that have very strong smells or the ones that leaves stains on my tops. But what irritates me the most is when the deodorant doesn't stay long. I came across Rexona Passion when I went grocery shopping. I figured I should give it a try and now I'm repurchasing every time it runs out!

The smell is just amazing! I can't describe how the smell is but you can definitely try it yourself. It's like my favourite smell right now! And guess what? Even if I sprayed it in the morning, when I get back home at night, the smell is still there. How amazing is that? I wouldn't say it doesn't make your under arms sweat at all, under arms will always sweat when you're hot anyway, but Rexona really makes your under arms less wet. It decreases the sweat, which is super good! This bottle only costs RM 10, which is a good steal!

Other than deodorant, I also use body splashes to make myself smell nicer whenever I swift by someone. This month, I've been smelling like Victoria's Secret Pure Seduction body mist.

I've been using this a whole lot and for a bottle this big, which can last probably a year even if you spray so much everyday, it's so worth the RM 43 I spent. I mean, it's the cheapest body mist I've gotten so far and it smells better than the expensive ones.

If you read my previous Haul, you'll know what this is. It's the hair heat protection.

This spray really protects my hair from the heat. It moisturises and doesn't dry out my hair which is super good because my hair is so dry, you wouldn't want to touch it. But now, with this spray, I don't have to worry any more. I can curl or straighten my hair any time!

So there are a few non-beauty favourites this month. Everyone knows I love books. I carry books everywhere! So my pick this month is this book :

It's Cohen! by Aury Wallington. It's basically about Seth Cohen's birthdays that they didn't show on the tv show. From his 1st to 17th birthday, it's all in there. My brother who lives in California went to a Borders clearance sale and he got me this book, knowing how much I love The OC, especially Adam Brody. As you can see, the book only costed him 1 USD, which is really, really cheap! This book made me smile and laugh while reading it, so that's the reason I chose this book to be on my July Favourites.

One of my favourite smell is anything Vanilla. I don't know why, but I'm obsessed with Vanilla and fruity smells. When I found this Ambi Pur spray, I had to get it!

The smell is Lavender Vanilla but mostly, it smells like Vanilla. I've been spraying this in my room every single day! And it's only RM 10!

I love keeping candies in my bag everywhere I go. I hate gums, so instead of gums, I stash candies in my bag. This month, I've been loving this Halls Fruitti Raspberry.

It has a cooling taste inside the candy. I'll pop one into my mouth when I feel like my mouth is dry and I don't have any water with me. But since it's Ramadhan, I have one packet left in my bag, untouched.

These last two things are accessories. I've been loving bib necklaces this month and I found the perfect one at Forever 21 a couple of weeks ago.

I had to decide whether to buy this or another one that is edgier than this one. I settled on this one because it's more feminine and it can match just any colour. So I can wear any colour and wear this necklace. It only costed me RM 29 which is kind of cheap compared to other brands.

I'm not a bracelet/bangle type of person. But this month, I've been wearing my Juicy Couture bangle a lot.

I love the colour combination and it's half gold and half elastic, which is so unique. It's really pretty and I wore it almost everyday in the month of July!

So that's about it on my July Favourites. If you have a blog, please do a July Favourites post too! And if you do, give me your link and I'll check it out because I love seeing other people's favourites :)


Anonymous said...

Ayeen, where to buy that Sepora?

Ayeen Kadir said...

At Sephora in Bukit Bintang, KL. It's opposite Pavillion, very near to Starhill. Or if you want to go to a smaller Sephora, there's one in KLCC :)