August 20, 2011

Ramadhan wish

When Ramadhan comes every year, almost every woman/girl has only one thing on her Ramadhan wish.

To be skinny/Stop eating too much/To lose weight.

But guess what ladies??? It ain't gonna happen! I know right, I'm being such a party pooper here, but it's the truth! Every year when Ramadhan finally arrives, people get excited, especially ladies because other than enjoying this holy month, it's also a perfect time to lose weight. It's like killing two birds with one stone! But as much as we ladies hate to admit it, we tend to eat a whole lot more during Ramadhan. This is because we starved ourselves during the day, so we'd think it's okay to stuff ourselves during Iftar, which is worst than eating a lot during the day because everyone knows it's not good to eat at night. Another reason is because we eat our Sahur eating rice. I don't eat rice for Sahur, its usually bread or cereals for me but a lot of people eat rice for Sahur. It's 4am, for God's sake. I don't know how you guys can even have the appetite to eat that heavy that early!! Some people say its because they can't last during the day without having rice or they get hungry easily if they eat light. As for me, I always get a stomach ache if I eat something heavy for Sahur so I only take light meals. Other than that, Ramadhan Bazaars are also a huge reason why we gain weight instead of losing during Ramadhan. I'm a sucker when it comes to Ramadhan Bazaars. I'll buy everything in sight without thinking whether I can finish them all. It doesn't help either when all of the food they sell are fattening. My must haves at a Ramadhan Bazaar are Tepung Pelita and Kuih Melaka. I tend to buy a lot and when I can't finish them, I forced myself to eat them anyway because Mom always complain about me wasting on food.

But do you know what's the biggest reason? Two words but it can crush your dream of having Adrianna Lima's body by Raya.

Ramadhan Buffets.

I love Ramadhan buffets so much because you can have everything as much as you want and nobody would say anything. Okay, maybe people will look at you with a 'wow she really eats a lot!' look, but who cares. It's a buffet, you're supposed to eat a lot. After all, we didn't pay that RM 89++ for nothing! Every year, my family received invitations for Ramadhan buffets. See, it's not like I have a choice...
This year, we didn't get a lot invitations like previous years and I was actually relieved that I didn't have to control myself at buffets. Then of course, an invitation came. I planned to not go but who am I kidding?! I love Ramadhan buffets too much to let it pass! So off I went, to Bluewave Hotel in Shah Alam. From sushi to pasta, Bread butter pudding to dim sum. I tried almost everything they had on the buffet tables. I was so satisfied at the end, patting my tummy with a smile on my face, muttering Alhamdulillah over and over again for the good food I had but screamed that night when I saw myself in the mirror. Hehe.

So I thought, "No more, Ayeen. No more. You have got to control yourself after this!". Of course, another invitation to a buffet at Tropicana Golf & Country Resort came. I could hear my stomach and my heart arguing.

Heart : YES!! Another buffet!

Tummy : Oh no!! You're gonna stuff me with buffets again?!!

Heart : Shut up, tummy. Buffets are nice.

Tummy : Easy for you to say. You're not the one who's going to explode when she's done with all the food.

Heart : True but what's life without food? Without buffet foods, especially??

Tummy : Hmm.. I guess you're right.. I don't know..

My tummy will give up within seconds, I tell you! Because of Ramadhan buffets, I never dream of losing weight any more during Ramadhan. I just love food too much to let it go. Hehe.

I just got back from Tropicana Golf & Country Resort with my family and boy, I had so much to eat that I couldn't breathe by the time I finished. I had them all, from appetizers all the way to desserts. Every buffets have their own speciality, something you never seen or taste before.

"I don't want to eat rice for Iftar today. I want to eat everything else but rice!", I said to myself.

Then I walked past someone with something green on her plate. I did a double take to see what was it actually. How could someone eat something that is green, I have no idea. Then I realised it was rice. Green rice??? I don't know about you, but I've never seen rice that is green! So naturally, I went searching the buffet tables for green rice to check why is it green.

I ended up eating the rice.

I know, I know. What happened to 'I won't eat rice tonight'? The rice was actually weird looking but gorgeous at the same time because it has colour. Rices are always plain white and dull looking, so I wanted to try rice that isn't boring.

It was actually Nasi Lemak Pandan which didn't taste at all like pandan. It didn't taste like Nasi Lemak either. The only thing that made it look and taste like Nasi Lemak was the sambal, nuts, anchovies and the egg. The rice? Not so much. They also had Roti Jala in green! But I didn't dare trying it. It looks even weirder than the green rice.

Not only the food excite me at buffets, but also the companies I have. I just love when everyone get together and just talk non stop and take pictures with each other.

But of course the reason we go to buffets is mainly for the food they serve. Hehe. The one thing I always eat at every buffet is ABC for dessert. Every single time. So what's your favourite at Ramadhan buffets?

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