August 28, 2011


I'm so sorry for the lack of posts this week. I was too busy with Raya preparation and shopping! I have a few drafts in my blog that I can't wait to post but since I'm actually going back to my home town right this minute, which is why my Dad is calling my name, and my home town has no Internet connection, so this means, I'll have to wait till next weekend :(

But I promise you I'll post the drafts once I'm back. Sorry guys!!! Since I haven't post anything this week, here's a hint on what I'll post after Raya :

Anyway, Selamat Hari Raya to all my Muslim readers. Enjoy your Raya and may your Raya this year be a good one, because I know mine will be a great one :)

Take care and have a safe journey to those who's celebrating their Raya in their home towns! <3


Syafiqa said...

It's ok, of course you'll be so busy bee :D

Btw i love your blog, and wrote about it for the Nuffnang Celebrates Blog Day 2011. Happy blog day!

You can read it here, and hope you like it :D

Ayeen Kadir said...

Omg, I've read it! Thanks for featuring me on your blog! And I hope it's not too late to wish you Happy belated Blog Day! Hehe. Thanks again! I appreciate it a lot <3 :D