August 18, 2011

I'm officially old

I've been so busy with tenders and paper works at the office that I didn't have the time to even read a book nowadays. Seriously, all these documents and super thick files are scattered all over the office. And my table isn't an exception. Every time a parcel came, it goes on my table or in my drawers because my table is right in front of the front door.

All kinds of files, books and papers are at my desk, I think if I didn't organise them all, I will only have a space to place my laptop and nothing else.

I was doing my work, not blogging, I promise! *hides face*

So, with all these works, I swear I didn't notice my birthday was coming up. I've been spending 19 years of my life excited right before my birthday but this year, I felt... nothing. I wasn't excited, I didn't even countdown till it's midnight, like I always did. I blame the work load.

On August 12th, Zahir's family invited me over for Iftar because they were celebrating his brother's birthday. His Mom said that we were going to celebrate my birthday too and I thought, 'Why not?'. It'll be an advance birthday dinner, should be fun. I thought it was going to be a quiet little dinner like we always do on birthdays but it was different this time around. When I arrived, I saw two party hats at the dining table and balloons beside it. Of course, they forced Shafiq and I to put on the hats while blowing our candles.

With the birthday boy!

I had a great time with Zahir's family. After Iftar, we performed our Terawih together and had a good laugh while enjoying the cake.

Do you see the huge different between 20 and 15? I feel so old! :(

I really enjoyed the company I had on that day. Couldn't stop smiling :)

On the night before my actual birthday, Zahir asked me out (or more like forced me). He said he wanted to treat me to a movie for my birthday. I was tired from work so I insisted to stay home. But he wasn't having any of it and succeeded on dragging me to the cinema.

Me : What movie?

Zahir : Horrible Bosses.

Me : What movie is that? Never heard of it..

Mom (who obviously had been eavesdropping our conversation) : You've been at work all the time lately, that's why you don't even know what's showing at the cinema.

I know in other words, she actually wanted to say "you're lifeless". Haha. I gave in and let Zahir dragged me to the cinema. The movie turned out funny. I thought I was going to doze off but I didn't. I laughed so hard but by the time the movie ended, my eyes were about to give up on me. So, obviously, I fell asleep in the car.

Like always, Zahir will walk me up to the front door every time he drops me off. The first thing I saw when I stepped inside my house were all these candles spread out on the floor.

"Ayeen's 20!"? Wow, rub it in my face some more, why don't you? Haha, I felt even older seeing it being spelled out on the floor so big like that -__-

But I was speechless, surprised and a lot of other things nonetheless! I could see people around me but couldn't figure out who they were in the dark. When the lights were on, I could see Fara, Nazrin, Razin, and all of my favourite boys. But the one that caught my eyes was someone on the iPad. It was my brother, Facetime-ing from the State. I wanted to cry!!!

We went on with supper and there was this card Zahir made himself that I love so so so much!

It wasn't until the cake came out that I figured out the theme of the party. It was Juicy! Since everyone knows how obsessed I am with Juicy Couture, everything, from the cake to the card. They all had "Juicy" written all over it! The balloons were gorgeous too!

If at Zahir's I had to wear the cute little pink shiny hat, this time, I had to wear a pink sparkly crown! I wore it the whole night, even after I changed into my pyjamas because I've always loved crowns! Plastic or not, it's still a crown and it's so sparkly and glittery, I loved it so much!

I was having the best time of my life seeing all these balloons, candles, cakes, family and friends, when Zahir came out from my brother's room...
Holding a huge pink box that has "CHOOSE JUICY" written on it!!!

No, wait. That wasn't enough.


Seriously, I shrieked, I screamed, I jumped, I danced.

I knew the theme of the party was Juicy but I didn't know the present was going to be a Juicy too! As lame as this may sound, but I actually kissed, hugged and smelled the box for a good 10 minutes before opening it up.



It's that Juicy Couture's Lena Leather bag that I've been crying for since 2 months ago!! So of course I was over the moon when I finally got my hands on it! I was speechless. The only word I knew was 'AHHHHHHHHHHHH!'.

After Zahir gave me his present, Fara handed me a La Senza box with a pair of cute purple polka dotted pyjamas because she knows how obsessed I am with sleep wears and Nazrin & Razin handed me a cute little red truck filled with Famous Amos cookies!


But seriously, this is the best present ever!

I love my Lena so much!!!

Now that my birthday is over and even the balloons aren't floating any more, but I still can't get over it! I keep on day dreaming about that night and wishing I could turn back the time.

Can anyone build me a time machine now?


Najlaa 'Aqilah said...

happy belated birthday ayeen! :)

Ayeen Kadir said...

Aww thank you! :)

Syafiqa said...

Happy belated birthday too, n salam ramadhan, wow those people really made your day :D

Anna said...

ooh!! I'm so envious of you, Ayeen! & funny captions too xD but I think 20 is younger than 23,our age when graduating right? hehe ;)

Ayeen Kadir said...

Hey there, Syafiqa! Yes they really did!! Thanks for the wish and salam ramadhan to you too. Hope it's not too late! :)

Ayeen Kadir said...

Haha thanks Jue! Yea, I hope my face won't be as old as my age when we graduate! :p

♥Syamelia♥ said...

owh!! what a celebration...
lucky u ayeen to be surrounded with wonderful birthday...
again, happy belated b;day...


Ayeen Kadir said...

Yes, I'm so grateful for the people around me. They're very dear to my heart! Thank you so much Kak Amy! :)