September 8, 2011

Nuffnang's Blog Day

I hope this isn't that late, but when I was in my home town, burying myself in Rendang, ketupats and kuih Raya,someone was blogging on Nuffnang's Blog Day. And guess what???

A reader of mine featured me on her blog!

Blog Day actually means bloggers will recommend their favourite blogs. I'm so honoured and so happy my blog was one of her favourites! You can check out Syafiqa's blog here and if you like it, follow! :)

I know I'm like, so late with this but I was too excited for Eid that I didn't have the time to do this post. Not like I have Internet connection in my home town anyway. So I'm going to list down my favourite blogs today, for a belated Blogs Day, if that make sense. Hehe. I don't really have a lot of favourite blogs because I usually read the same ones everyday. So I think I'm just going to list down my Top 3.

Always on top of my list is of course, Vivy Yusof's blog, Proudduck. Everyone knows Proudduck and her amazing writings. I still remember the first time I read her post. My friend, Reena introduced me to her blog because it's one of her favourites too and I've been stuck since. Her writings are really inspiring and the way she lives her life is definitely something a girl or a woman should look up to. She's really successful despite her young age.

Second on my favourite blogs is one of my friend's, actually. A blog that I've read for a couple of years. Her interest is similar to mine. You know, make up, fashion and stuffs like that. Her post is always interesting. Hauls, wish lists, daily routine..
It's Deeya's blog, Miracles and Serendipity.

The third on my list is Elle & Blair. If you like to watch beauty gurus on Youtube, without a doubt, you'll know Blair and Elle Fowler. The famous beauty guru sisters on Youtube. I love reading their blog for inspirations, beauty tips or fashion.

So that's my Top 3 blogs that I love. What's yours? :)


Deeya Cantabile said...

oh my god...
thanks ayeen!
that's such an honor to feature me
in your blog!
i love yours too..
sorry lmbt came across this post,
i've been away last weekend :D

Ayeen Kadir said...

Hehe no problem! I check your blog everyday! Really love your posts. Glad I have a friend that has the same interests as me :D