September 10, 2011

Back to college organisation tips

After 4 months of holidays, finally all Degree students around Malaysia are preparing to be back in college next week! I don't know about you guys, but I think my brain has rotten since this holiday started and I have no idea whether or not I can keep up with my studies this semester. Heck, I don't even know whether I still have the knowledge to use my scientific calculator! But anyway, despite being completely slow in the brain area, my good friend, Miss Tidiness hadn't left me. Thank God! I wasn't excited to go back to college because I had so much fun lazing around without having to wreck my brain to find answers and whatnot. But like it or not, this is reality. I have to face my Second year degree no matter what.

Couple of months ago, I searched Youtube for any organisational tips for back to school and there were tons of videos showing how they organise their books, binders and stuffs. All the videos I watched were almost the same, binders with a pencil case, files and papers. I got inspired by them and went out to the book store and searched for binders. They didn't have a pink or a red one like I wanted, so I chose grey. I figured, I could put collages and stuffs, so the colour won't matter.

So here's my tips on how to put together your own binder :

This is how my binder looks like.

Instead of putting collage as the cover, I took the paper crepes they usually give when you purchase something at Juicy Couture and pasted them on top of a pink manilla card so the Juicy Couture logos will pop out more.

And I printed my name and the course that I'm taking, as well as my University's name and placed it at the corner of my binder. I definitely think the neon pink gave the binder a little bit more of a colour instead of just a plain dull soft pink.

Since I don't have a collage on the front cover, I figured it will be nice to put together magazine clippings and stuffs at the back of the binder instead of just leaving it blank. I put together some of my favourite things, like Sephora, blushes, Forever 21, Juicy Couture, Fashion and lip glosses.

I even included my name card for my blog shop that I owned which you can check out here. And Zahir's name is also there. Since this little collage is of things that I like.. then I guess it's appropriate for Zahir's name to be there. Before you guys start to puke, I better move on now...

Now, the inside!

At the side pocket, I have a few things tucked inside...

And they're my post it notes, sticky index marks and stuffs like that.

Next, is my pencil case. It's pink, like you didn't already know.

Since we don't have the pencil cases that comes with holes in it here in Malaysia, I decided to make the holes myself. Okay, Zahir did the holes, but it was my idea, that counts too, right? Hehe.

Inside the pencil case, of course are my stationeries.

The first thing in it is a box of colourful paper clips for my test papers or quizzes or something like that.

Then, I have my super cute stapler. It's a cat because I love cats!

I also have my pencil essentials. A mechanical one and a few of the wooden ones. I've had that red mechanical pencil since I was in high school. Zahir bought it for me when we were out studying together at McDonald's and I almost lost it a few times. I cried for that pencil every time it's gone but it always magically appeared again. It's my favourite pencil ever!!

Of course, people make mistakes. Especially me. So I'm going to need my liquid all the time.

My favourite ruler. I've lost my ruler like, ten times within one semester, but I always ended up buying the exact same ones just because they're the easiest to work with. And it's only 45 cents!

I love highlighters because they're the reason why I find my notes interesting. Colourful highlighters make it easier for me to read my notes. Sometimes, when I find something I might want to buy in magazines, I highlight it so every time I open up the magazines, I will automatically remember to consider buying it.

I also have a twin marker which I don't even know what it's for, but I just love stationeries, so I ended up buying things I don't need. Hehe.

Pens in blue, red and black.

These cute pens that I got from Typo.

The last thing in the pencil case is a huge eraser that says 'Totally Wrong' in pink letterings, also from Typo. I swear, Typo has the cutest stationeries! Thanks to my friend, Ungku who introduced me to Typo :)

Then, I have this pink animal printed cover on the front. I just love the pattern and colour!

I put together 5 sections with different coloured separators according to the subjects I'm taking this semester. You can add on other colours too if you have more subjects.

Of course, for each separator, I put a bunch of note papers for me to take notes for every subject, obviously.

A file for me to keep my test and quiz papers. This file has a few compartments so I can organise my papers according to subjects.

This binder doesn't have a pocket at the back, so I glued a thin folder.

In the folder, I stocked on some extra papers in case I run out of them.

And also a list pad for me to list down all my homework, assignments and what-to-do(s).

I'm absolutely loving this "Keep calm and make a list" list pad! Isn't it so pretty??

So that's the end of my organisational tips for back to college! I hope this helps you to organise a little and to make yourself excited to start a new semester!

Good luck, you guys!! <3

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