November 24, 2011

Bollywood Wedding

Okay, I know this is like, soooooooo long overdue, but I promised a post about the wedding. So here it is.

It was actually one of my mom's best friend's brother's wedding. Okay that sounds so complicated but read it a few more times and you'll get what I mean. Hehe. Anyway, they're Indian and automatically, my mind pictured Sarees, Lenggas and Punjabi suits. Mom had her Saree tailored and Dad brought Nina and I to Klang because he said the Indian attires are pretty and cheaper there. Trust me, they really are pretty!!! I meant the clothes they sell, not the stores. I decided to go for Lenggas because I was going for the Kareena Kapoor look and since she most of the time wore Lenggas in Kabhi Khushi Khabi Gham. I tried like, a few pairs and wanted to settle for a really smooth purple and white colored ones but my parents didn't agree. They talked me into going for a more bright ones. It's an Indian wedding after all, so I settled for a really bright pink and green Lengga. The next day, Mom and I bought our bindis and bangles in Mydin because they have a lot of those.

On the day itself, I had to get ready earlier since I have to do my sister's make up and hair too.

Oh and Fara was invited last minute, so she didn't have the time to actually buy an Indian outfit, so she wore her purple evening dress, which looked so good on her. She was so worried that she'll be the only one who's not wearing an Indian outfit and it would be awkward, while I convinced her that it's fine several times.

And as expected, there were a lot of dresses. Majority of the guests wore evening dress, just a few donning Indian outfits, like us. Then I realised that sure, the groom was an Indian but the bride was a Chinese. So it make sense that guests were wearing dresses instead of sarees.

Even the bride and groom were wearing a dress and a suit. I thought I might have overdressed myself that night but Mom's friends were wearing Indian outfits too, so I let out a huge sigh of relief.

The wedding was really simple yet very elegant in a way. They had speeches by friends and family of bride and groom and at the end of the ceremony, they opened up a dance floor! Dancing and me? Inseparable! I was shy at first but then the lights dimmed and I was sure no one could see me dance my heart out so I went to the dance floor with Mom and my sister. Fara was never the one with dance enthusiasm, so she stayed at the table with Dad. By the time I produced my first sweat on the dance floor, I didn't care anymore. It's been so long since I last danced, so when a guy came up to me and showed me the 'good thumbs up' sign with a grin across his face, I smiled back, didn't care who saw me dancing. Hehe. Dancing could do that to me. Dance has always been my first love :)

Of course, the dance was great and all but nothing beats the food they served. Which was probably the best part of the wedding. Fara, my sister and I went up to the buffet like three times!

We ate like it was nobody's business. The desserts were also so good, especially the puddings they served. I buried my face into the pudding as soon as it was on my table and I didn't even get the chance to take a photo of it. Yeah, it was that good!

It was definitely a great experience for me because I love going to occasions that require a certain dress code because I love dressing up in outfits and clothes I can't wear in my daily life. And going to these kinds of occasions with my family and my best friend made it even better!

When we got back home, I guess we weren't really over the Bollywood feel, so we had to make Ginger a part of it too!


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