December 5, 2011

Of cats and vampires

If I had to choose, I would definitely go for cats. I mean, who would prefer vampires over cats, right?

This is about the movies I've watched for these past couple of weeks. Which reminds me, I used to watch like, three movies (sometimes 4) a week but now, I just don't have the time to do that anymore. In my first year of degree, I have a lot of free times. I can go watch movies, I can go to dinners, lunches, anything, really. I can even sleep late without worrying about assignments or tests the next day. But now, I have to snap myself back to reality since I'm no longer in my first year. I'm in my second year doing Degree in Real Estate and its definitely not the same. If I really think about it, I don't even have the time to read my novels this semester but you know me and my readings. I love reading so much that I don't care how busy I am, I will make time for it. Sometimes I get so into the book that I keep on reading and realise that I have an assignment due the next day.

So anyway, enough rants about how busy my life is.

Firstly, to whoever who dislike Twilight, which I know, most probably 98% of you do, then you can skip this part right here. I've read the books and of course, automatically, I'm a fan. Not saying I'm a big fan though because obviously, I prefer Harry Potter over Twilight any time. But since I've been following the novels and it just won't feel right if I don't follow the movies too, you know? So yeah, I watched Breaking Dawn Part 1 with Fara, her Mom and her sister in law last Tuesday.

If you ask me, the movie was.... okay. Not great, not even good. It was just okay for me. Having to read the novel beforehand, I find that the movie is kind of lame compared to the book. The book was so much better and when I read it, I imagined all sort of things but it didn't turn up in the movie. So I guess that made an effect on how I see the movie. Also, the movie was kind of confusing. If I didn't read the book, I would've been lost in the cinema. Fara, her Mom and her sister in law kept asking me questions because they didn't get the movie. That's how confusing the whole movie is. I don't want to say what happened in the movie or anything related to the storyline because I don't want to spoil the movie to those who haven't watched it yet. But if you're wondering, I'm definitely Team Jacob. Just because his abs are beautiful to look at and his muscles are more appealing than Edward's sparkly body. Hehe.

Everyone has been talking about Edward and Bella's wedding, saying the wedding is gorgeous and all but to me, the wedding was not that great. It didn't impress me but I have to admit, Bella's wedding dress is so pretty!!! I just love how it's so simple but so elegant at the same time. And the fact that it's not those typical strapless wedding gown makes it even more gorgeous!

Okay, that's all you're getting from me. If you want to know how the whole movie is, go watch it!! And if you have, let me know what you think of it!

The second movie I watched was Puss in Boots. I just watched it a few hours ago actually. I couldn't stop pinching myself (and Zahir) because Puss was so cute! You have to watch it yourself and you'll know what I'm talking about. I literally couldn't stop pinching and laughing throughout the whole movie. It was definitely a good movie!

My favourite part was when they showed Baby Puss. Super cute!!

How can you not fall for that big round eyes, fluffy paws and bulging tummy?

I dare to say....

Puss in Boots is better than Breaking Dawn.

But of course, that's just me because I'm a sucker for cats.

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