March 29, 2012

Action Song 2012

I skipped my classes today just to support my Mom's team for Action Song this year. I did the same thing last year. Truth is, I will grab any chances I can get to skip my classes. Nah, I'm just a good daughter who is always there to support my mother in whatever she does. Hehe.

The Action Song was held in SK Bandar Kinrara 1 in Puchong. I'm not being bias or whatever but I honestly think my Mom's team has the cutest girls ever. With their bright tutu skirts and massive flowers on top of their head, I just want to shrink them and keep them in my pocket!

I had to held myself back from kidnapping this girl. So cute!!

The flow of the ceremony went so well, it didn't drag like typical events do in Malaysia and the set up was amazing. Not MTV World Stage amazing, obviously but at least so much better than what I expected. Public school competitions or events are always of poor quality but this time it really proved me wrong. The backdrop and stage were great, the sound system made me want to dance and the lightings were so pretty too. I totally underestimated this school!

After 19 schools performed, we had to wait around half an hour for the judges to calculate the marks and announce the winner. I got bored while waiting, so I played with my sister's hair.

When it was time for the winners to be announced, the whole place grew quiet. We were all listening intently.

Our school won, alright...
FIRST PLACE!! All of us jumped in joy but one of the little girls broke into tears. She said she was too happy. How cute was that??

After settling everything at school, My mom, sister and I went to Upstairs for late lunch/early dinner. I didn't have breakfast that morning (that's a first!) as I was rushing, so I ate a lot at Upstairs. I didn't even care what people might say when they saw me went to the counter to order twice.

What I wore :

Top : Bangkok
Jeans : Forever 21
Bag : Balenciaga Inspired from Bangkok
Heels : Dollz

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Thanks sweetie pie, it is true.. You will always be there for me...
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