July 9, 2012

My take on how to rock red lipstick

Okay, so I'm not a fan of super bright lipsticks, especially red even though red is one of my favorite color. To me, my lip's shape is weird and does not suit bright lipsticks. Also, my skin is more on the darker/tan side. So, I always end up rubbing off the red lip stain whenever I apply it on my lip and saw my reflection in the mirror. I don't know, it's just not for me I guess. I don't like how I look with super bright lipsticks.

However, I really like seeing other people donning the classic super bright red lips. It looks so classy on everyone else. Booo :( Anyways, my dear friend Putt asked me on how to rock red lipsticks. Of course I didn't know how to, I've never wear them! But I decided to do some research because red lipsticks can be really hard to apply or to match with, in terms of eye shadows, blusher or even your clothes. So I think this is going to be beneficial to some of you out there and this post goes out especially to you, Putt ;)

Actually, a friend once told me that everyone can rock the red lips. Yes, everyone (including me, apparently). However, you have to find 'your kind of red' lipstick. The right shade of red is very crucial as this determines your whole look. Find a shade that compliments your lips and your skin tone.

Dark skin
Like me, I have darker skin tone, so my 'kind of red' has got to be a darker shade of red. The shade between red and maroon or a red that has a touch of brown to it.

Try : NYX Black Label Lipstick in Midnight Dinner

Or you can go with NYX Round Lipstick in Ulysses as well.

Medium Skin
Go for a brighter shade of red but not too bright. 

Try : NYX Round Lipstick in Hebe

Fair Skin
If your skin fall under this category, consider yourself lucky because almost any shade of red will look good on you. You can go with more brown based ones but for me, if you have fair skin, the best choice is the super bright ones. I just think with fair skin tone, no shades will go wrong. So, be a little daring and put on that hottest red lipstick you own.

Try : NYX Round Lipstick in Electra

Okay now that we got the skin tone settled, how do we apply it? And how are we supposed to rock that super hot lips? 

To me, red lips goes really well only with two eye looks :

1. Black smokey eyes if you like a more dramatic look. This look is great for fancy dinners or nights out with your girlfriends. 
However, don't over do it because that will just make you look like you just got punched in the face and over doing smokey eyes with red lips is just not attractive. So remember to really smoke the colors out on the outer corner of your eye lids using a blending brush to blend the whole look to make it look more polished. 

2. Brown neutral eyes for a day look (who says you can only wear red lipsticks during the night?) or if you just like neutral colors.

You should focus on the brown color on your crease to give the structure of your eyes more definition. Apply a cream-ish color (like Virgin in the Naked Palette) on the whole of your eye lids and take a slightly deeper brown to go onto your crease. The keyword here is : blend. Blend the colors really well and apply highlight right below your brows (I always take the Virgin in UD Naked Palette for highlight). Too easy, right?

Red lipsticks can be tricky, so here are my tips on how to apply red lipsticks :

1. Exfoliate your lips because you wouldn't want any cracks on your lips to be visible after applying the red lipstick! (take a toothbrush and move it in small circular motion, moving from your bottom lip to your upper lip).
2. Moisturize your lips by applying lip balm.
3. Some people would say that lining your lips is a must but for me, I don't like lining my lips. It's just not my thing. However, you could line only a little bit on the center of your lower lip and your cupid's bow. This is to give more plumpness to your lips and will make it more polished.
4. Apply the lipstick by just dabbing it on your lips and using your ring finger, blend the color out on our lips. 
5. To avoid the color from straying on your teeth, take your index finger, put it in your mouth and slowly pull back your finger. I know it sounds disgusting but this really helps as you'll see some of the color transferred to your finger. That is excess lipstick that usually go on your teeth.

Now on to fashion!

I don't know about you guys but I think my fashion sense can be so random. Sometimes I feel like wearing heels, sometimes I wear Vans, sometimes I wear dresses and look all girly and sometimes I just throw on a really loose shirt over a pair of leggings. So when I think of red lips, I automatically think of the word classy. 

For a night look :
I suggest you go with your LBD. Nothing would go wrong with a gorgeous LBD and red lips, with hair tight up in a bun. 

Or, you can also go for a beige/brown/cream chiffon top with black skinny jeans/jeggings and pair those with a pair of killer heels!

For a day look :
You can wear a skinny jeans with a tank top and throw a denim vest on. Pair those with a pair of loafers or slip ons. Also, you can put on a dark washed skinnies, pair it with a black chiffon top and a statement necklace! Or if you're more of a girly type, opt for a dress. Doesn't matter whether it's a short dress or a maxi dress, you can work them with your red lips. Lastly, you can also wear a black romper and go for a red bag. 

I hope this helps a little, if not a lot, on how to rock red lips. Now that I've made this post, I think I might try putting on red lipsticks someday. 

Disclaimer : I don't own any of the pictures in this post. Clicking on pictures will direct you to the original site. I think NYX's lipsticks are amazing and really inexpensive, so I put them on here.

I know certain make up brands and products are hard to find in Malaysia. However, you can browse through NYX products and Sigma brushes here.


Sabrina Jasman said...

Awesome post babe! Very detail and love it! :D

ptrnrfqh said...

Thank you so much babe! and the fashion part really help! I even made a list. Thank you love. :D

Ayeen Kadir said...

@Sabrina - Thanks love! :D

@Putt - Aww glad it helps! I was scared that it might not help in anyway. Hehe but now that you said it does, I'm more than happy! :D

ashee said...

good news! nyx is coming to sephora soon! =) I sneaked in the training session and Im so in love with its eyeshadow palletes. ehehe
oh and babe, tan skin girls can wear red lipstick too. Pick blue undertoned red lipstick. Makes u fairer and makes your teeth whiter =)

Ayeen Kadir said...

Ashee : Seriously? Yeay! Hoping the prices aren't that bad. Hehe :D oh, really? I always put on red lipstick and hate what I see. Sucks to have dark skin like me :( But I guess I'll try your tips! Thanks Ashee! :D