August 1, 2012

Of Ramadhan & Girlfriends

I know we're like, in the second week of Ramadhan and this is probably too late but whatever. I'm still going to wish all of my Muslim readers a blessed month ahead and may we all change to be better Muslims this year.

Anyways, since I'm busy working, I don't really have the time for my social life. Not like my social life is that great, but still. However, I did manage to make time for my girlfriends last Saturday. We went for iftar at Nando's, which was my first time trying it. Don't judge. But yes, it was my first time trying Nando's. I have been there once with my friends but I was a pescetarian then, so I didn't eat anything at that time. This time though, 3 years later, I'm a normal eater again. So I tried the 1/4 mild chicken and yes, it was good! Also, we put on our thick faces and brought Tepung Pelita to Nando's because well, who doesn't love Tepung Pelita? Especially during Ramadhan.

We spent a couple hours eating, talking and laughing our hearts out at the restaurant until we decided to drop by a night market/bazaar at Jaya One. Dreaded to go because didn't have the money to shop but gosh, who can turn down shopping? I know I can't. The bazaar was great, a whole lot of booths but there were too many people pushing and walking too close, touching their sweaty arms to mine. Gross, I know. But being there with my girls made everything alright.

Oh and surprise, surprise, I bumped into my blogger friend, Sabrina! It was so nice to see her again because the first time we saw each other, we both were kind of rushing so we didn't really have time to chat. But this time, we kind of chat a little and yes, took photos together. Finally!

She's one gorgeous girl, this Sabrina :)

What I wore :

Top : Kitschen
Jeans : Forever 21
Belt : Random Store in KL
Shoes : Kiss & Tell Ashleigh Pumps
Necklace : Forever 21
Bag : Kate Spade

I haven't had a good time in a long time and I'm glad I made time for my girls that day. It was all worth it and I love them so much! <3

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