November 12, 2012

Setia City Mall

I love malls in general but new malls are always the best. All of you might have known about the opening of a new mall in Setia Alam, the Setia City Mall. I have to admit, the only thing that made me go there was H&M. Zahir brought me there yesterday to check the mall out. I straight away told Zahir 'This is my new favorite mall!'. But I have to say, it was such a mistake to go there during the weekend because the place was packed with people! My shoulders hurt from hitting other people's shoulders the whole time, not literally.. but still. Haha. 

What I wore yesterday. 
I was feeling really Fall-ish, hence the maroon pants and knitted jumper.

Black cami (worn inside) : Forever 21
Cropped knit jumper : Charlotte Russe
Maroon pants : Forever 21
Bib necklace : Forever 21
Wedges : H&M
Bag : Juicy Couture


Qistina Ayu said...

I always go there since UiTM and Setia Alam are pretty close. Go there during the weekdays. KOSONG! best! :D

Ayeen Kadir said...

Qistina : Yea, my friend from UiTM pun told me the same thing. Hehe gotta go on weekdays after this! Thanks! :D