January 24, 2013

Be responsible!

Okay so there are three main things that I don't understand about Malaysians. Note that I'm not saying all Malaysians behave this way. There are some of them. This has been bothering me to no end since forever. So I decided to blog about it. Because why not?

1. Throwing away your leftovers and whatever rubbish you have on the table after eating at a fast food joint

I'll have to say this one bothers me the most because people take this thing lightly. But in my opinion, I think it's a pretty big deal. Come on, if you're at home, would you just leave your plates and leftovers on the table every time you eat? Oh and please. Save the "what are the workers getting paid for?" because that's even annoying than not throwing away your leftovers/boxes/papers. Yes, their workers are getting paid but that doesn't mean we have to be a bunch of snobs. Their workers have to clean the toilets, wipe the tables, arrange the tables and chairs, take out the rubbish, wipe the trays, clean up the windows and I could go on and on but I think I've made my point. Your job is only one thing : clear your table and that's it. It's really not that difficult. Gather all the things you want to throw on your tray, get up, walk a few feet and throw them away. How hard can THAT be? Of all the places I've visited, not a single country has this behavior of just walking away without throwing their rubbish on the table. Everyone throws their leftovers/papers/boxes without complaining about it. So why can't we? I also noticed that some of Malaysians do practice this, which is good. I always feel satisfied when seeing Malaysians do this because that shows how some Malaysians are responsible and considerate. So guys, be responsible!

2. Throwing away stuff everywhere

When I said 'everywhere' it literally means everywhere. Out the car window in the middle of a highway, the drains, parking lots and sometimes even in the malls! It's really wrong to just throw away things at places that are not a rubbish can. Excuse people always give : but there are no rubbish cans near me!

Honestly, that excuse sounds really stupid to me. Pardon my french. But seriously, can't you just hold on to the rubbish until you see a garbage can? I always keep the rubbish in my bag or my car for a while until I see a garbage can so I can throw them away. Even if it's the littlest thing like a gum wrapper. You can't just expect that it's okay because gum wrappers are really small so it won't make a difference. Earth to, guys. It does make a difference. If there are a lot of people think that way, then it will be thousands of gum wrappers, which doesn't sound so small now, right? There was this one time, I saw a woman who threw her daughter's used diaper at a parking lot. Like, right beside the lot her car was parked in. A diaper. A used one at that. How irresponsible can that person be? So what, she thinks the cleaners are okay with it because it's their job to clean? I'm pretty sure "throw away baby diapers" is not written in their working agreement. I was so upset seeing this behavior. It's your baby and it's your responsibility. You can always find a garbage can or if you can't find one near you, then keep it in your car until you get home. Where's the hassle in that? The diaper won't weigh a ton. There was also this one time, I was in the car on a highway, on my way to see my brother at his boarding school in Pahang. A car in front of us rolled down their window and threw away a big chunk of papers. What was that for? Is your car out of space? Your car can hold 5 adults and yet you can't hold on a chunk of papers until you reach your destination? I'm really confused with these kinds of people.

So please guys, throw your garbage into an actual garbage can. They're called GARBAGE can for a reason, you know.

3. Failure at maintaing public toilets' cleanliness

Some public toilets in Malaysia are really clean and perfectly maintained. So why can't all the public toilets be that way? I don't know if it's just me, but wet toilets annoy me to the core. I know we have to keep hygienic and use the water to clean up but that doesn't mean you have to wet the whole cubicle. Wet floors attract bacterias even more so what's so hygienic about splashing the water all over the cubicles? Take the pipe, put it facing the toilet bowl before you actually turn on the water, clean up, turn the water off before putting back the pipe in its holder. This way, the water won't be splashing everywhere. Hence, we can keep the toilets dry & clean and at the same time, we are being hygienic. Oh and one more thing, a flush only takes a few seconds. So by flushing the toilet after using it won't waste your time at all.

These are the main three things that I noticed being a Malaysian myself. I am proud to be a Malaysian because we are actually striving to be a better country in the future but to me, if only a few citizen are responsible, then how can we be a first world country by 2020? I know the things I mentioned above are really petty things to some people but these smallest things are really important to be a great country. So to those who always throw their rubbish in garbage cans, keep the public toilets clean and throw their leftovers after eating, keep it up because you're doing a good job at being a responsible citizen. If you love your country, then start doing your part, no matter how small.

I hope this post didn't offend any of you. This is just a friendly reminder of being responsible :)


h.a.n said...

and yes Malaysian should be responsible

Ayeen Kadir said...

Yes! Thank God you feel the same way :)

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