January 1, 2013

Twenty Thirteen

Happy New Year guys!!!! How did you celebrate last night?

I've never been the type who goes out or celebrates New Year. I just don't celebrate because to me it's not necessary. Yes, it's a new year and it's the time where I should start fresh and everything. But I guess I'm more of the type who sits at home, reminiscing how the past years had been and what I'm aiming for the future. More often that not, I will realize all my mistakes and the things I did that might have hurt someone on NYE. Maybe because thinking about the past made me realize about a lot of things.  But that's how I do it, other people have other ways of celebrating the New Year. One way or the other, I hope you guys had the best time of your lives celebrating last night.

I spent my New Year in the car, on the way to Kuantan to send my brother off to his boarding school. And my family and I spent the first few minutes of 2013 worrying about our car because the battery was overcharged or something, and the car transmitted this really awful smell. It was really bad, it smelled like battery water and some kind of a gas, if that makes any sense.. but seriously, I almost choked. But Alhamdulillah, we're back home now. Even though we had to wind down our window the whole journey back home (yeap, the whole six hours) and we had to stop every half an hour, we still survived. My hair was all haywire when we arrived.. but that's fine. Hehe.

This year, I have so many memories, both good and bad but it's time to let go of the mistakes I've done, cherish the good memories and start the new year with positive vibes. You know, it's a good thing to have the wake up call every new year. I'm so thankful for a lot of things in 2012 ; the life that Allah has given me. With every breath I take, I have Allah to thank for giving me the chance to live in this world surrounded by all the prospers He gave. My family who has always been there for me, despite the things I did in the past. My boyfriend, who has always accept me for who I am and has always been my number one supporter in everything I do. My cat, who has always been there for me to listen even though he can't talk but I'm pretty sure he understands what I say and he most probably replied me in his heart. And my girlfriends who I mentioned in my previous post, they are just an amazing group of loyal and the most sincere people I know. 

Want to know what my New Year resolutions are? Well, I only have one, actually.
To not have a list of resolutions.
Want to know why? 
Because not a single thing will be crossed out on the list by December 31st 2013.. Or ever. So why bother? Haha.

Anyway, I would like to wish all of you who's reading this post, YES, YOU. Happy New Year and I wish all of you to have an amazing and blessed year ahead of you. May God bless you with all the prospers and happiness. Let go of your mistakes and start to look at the future, try to change to be a better person. And to my Muslim friends and readers, I hope we all, including myself will grow to be a better Muslim as the years pass by, InsyaAllah. 


Puteri Panda said...

Selamat Tahun Baru 2013, Ayeen. :)

Ayeen Kadir said...

Thank you! Selamat Tahun Baru to you too, Puteri Panda :) xx