March 30, 2013

What's your style?

If you ask me that question, I probably won't know what to answer. I mean, I've never been the type who sticks to one style only. Since I was little, I've always loved to change my style according to whatever I like at the moment. Okay, that's not 100% true, I used to be the girly-all pink-frilly-lace-24/7 kind of girl but that was when I was in primary school. When I got into high school, that was when I know that I can be edgy, I don't have to stick to being all girly all the time. So when I was 14, I was really obsessed with Simple Plan and Avril Lavigne. That was when I started to "play" skateboard (I put it in quotes cause I thought I was good at it but really, I'm far from being good), that's when I started playing guitar (which I'm really thankful for now), that was when I go jamming with all the guys, that was when I wore baggy jeans, like straight up men's jeans! I stacked a gajillion black rubber bangles on both my hands because that was the 'in' thing back then, if you're a fan of Avril Lavigne. Guys, I even wore spiky & studded bangles and belts. My shoes, they were always too big for my feet. Be it the Adidas kinds, high cut Vans sneakers or the beat up black pair of Doc Martens I bought from a thrift store. I didn't regret any of that though because that's my experience and I cherish them. But what I'm so embarrassed about is the black net gloves I always wore. I really didn't think straight when I purchased those. They're really hideous!

That was me almost 10 years ago though. Then I watched The OC and Laguna Beach and wanted to wear the skimpy clothes like them. This was the stage where my Dad only talks to me when he wants to say "You don't have enough clothes to cover up." "Wear a jacket over that, will you?" or the most frequent one, "Can you please wear something longer than that mini skirt?". I used to love them mini skirts. The shorter, the better. Then I found out about high waisted shorts, I went crazy in this phase. I wore shorts every single day, I'm not even kidding! My dad eventually gave up because I was too stubborn. I wasn't a good daughter back then, sorry Dad! Hehe. 

Then the feminine phase came back. I was really feminine and girly with my chiffon, flowy tops all the time. This is also where my heel phase started. I started buying heels, like real heels. The 4 inches, 5 inches heels. It was also the phase where I gave up all my shorts, mini skirts, short dresses and sleeveless tops. I was 20 during this phase and I figured it's about time I be a good daughter and quit saying "but, Dad.. I'm still young so I can wear these things!". It was so hard for me, I hope my Dad knows I'm doing this for him. Dad, if you're reading this (which I know he is because he's like my number one stalker now), you better appreciate it okay! Hehe.

And now, 2 years after, I've settled down. I'm tired of labeling my own style. To me, I can wear my Doc Martens or Converse without being labelled too edgy or tomboy-ish and I can wear a lace top without being labelled too girly. I love who I am right now and I love the fact that I don't care what people have to say about what I'm wearing. Seriously, I used to really care what the society has to say about what I wear, I dress to impress the society. But now, I dress for myself. Sometimes I wake up and feel like donning my Doc Martens, I will wear them. Sometimes I feel like wearing a maxi dress, then I will. Style doesn't have to be labelled, that's so 2003. Judging people by their appearances and by what they wear.. that's just don't work anymore. I'm really glad that more people is realizing this now and most of the people don't judge what others wear. There are still some people who give snide stares if I wear a pair of bright neon sneakers or my bright pink Doc Martens.. but hey, like I said. I couldn't care less. I'm comfortable in what I wear, I like my clothes and I'm happy with my whole wardrobe (though I can use some addition to my clothes racks. Hehe). So to whoever that is confused in fashion and always have a hard time on figuring out what to wear and what suits you best, I suggest you just go crazy with your wardrobe. Doesn't matter if you're pairing a printed top with a patterned pants, that's alright. It's okay to be different, you don't have to follow the trends if you don't like it or if you're not comfortable with it. I've experienced a lot of trend phases but now I gave that up because I realize I wasn't myself when I follow trends. I'm so much happier with whatever I choose to wear, not the society nor the media.

These are some of my styles :


 So, what is your style? Are you a trend follower? Or do you wear whatever you feel like wearing?


Anonymous said...

looking really good in all the photos

h.a.n said...

hihi , nice one :)

I do write about this topic last 2 months ,

and I'm not a kind of girl who following the trend :p

Vivid said...

You look so nice! I like it! : ) If you want, you can see my style on my blog! : )

Ayeen Kadir said...

Thank you Anonymous! :)

Oh you did, Hayat? Must read your post after this! :D Yes that's good because following trend is just not good. We're not being ourselves if we follow trends.. unless we really like the trend, then that's okay :)

Hey Vivid! I followed your blog! You have the perfect fashion sense! Love the way you put together your outfits <3

Nabeehah said...

Ayeen! Love this post! No actually I love ALL your posts (stalker alert! whoops) Hehe. This one in particular though, I could totally relate.

I used to be so conscious with what people have to say about what I wear (still am, working on it though!) but you're right. We should have our own style that people recognize us for instead of just following trends.

"Style is very personal. It has nothing to do with fashion. Fashion is over quickly. Style is forever."- Ralph Lauren

Ayeen Kadir said...

Hi Bee!! :* Aww you read my blog? I'm flattered! Hehe.

No worries, it was hard for me to get over the fact that people will always judge by what you wear. But I got over that eventually because I realized they don't determine who I am and if they're judgmental then that's their problem, not yours. You should think that whatever you wear, you're being yourself. If someone hates it, then they have a problem with themselves. Because you'll be much happier in clothes YOU chose. When you have the guts to brush off what others think, you'll be happier and trust me, you won't even think about what others say anymore. People will judge, people will throw bad comments to you every single time but if you ignore them, you'll be happy and that will only make them angry cause they can't get to you. Problem about people nowadays is that they love to see others fall and breakdown by their comments. So, be positive, ignore them. Because people who matters will always accept and love you for who you are, not for what you wear :)

I've experienced so many bullies, be it in real life or over the Internet, I once cried so bad seeing bad comments on my Youtube and blog but I know that is the purpose of them. To see me cry and loose my confidence. So I chose to get back up and show them they don't even know me in real life, so they can say whatever they want, I won't cry anymore because of something so stupid as bad comments. My future don't involve them anyway, so why should I bother right?

I love that quote by Ralph Lauren! It's SOOOOO true!! :D

Anonymous said...

i suka u pakai kasut neon tuh and ur hair kalau belah tengah lawa sangat ! u're pretty !

Ayeen Kadir said...

Hi Anonymous! Thank you so much! You don't know how much I appreciate your kind comment and I'm flattered! You made my day, thank you thank you thank you <3 :D