July 29, 2013

Bath & Body Works and Victoria's Secret Giveaway Winner!

I'm sorry for the delay at announcing the winner for this giveaway. I don't have Internet connection at home for some reasons and that's why I haven't been uploading a lot too. I have to go out somewhere else with fast Internet connection to upload or to blog. Sometimes it's kind of a hassle and I have no time to go out, therefore I've been M.I.A for a while. I apologize for that!

Anyway, I already have the winner's name with me. Note that I chose the winner randomly using the iGenerate Random Numbers app on my phone. So I'm not being bias or anything. The numbers of your entries depend on the social network sites I mentioned in the video, which are YouTube, Twitter and Blog. So if you entered on all three sites, you will earn three entries on your name. I also gave numbers to each one of your entries, so the app can randomly choose one number.

The number the app generated was 40.

The name under that number is Ameera Juliyana and this is the entry from Twitter. The winner's Twitter is @AmeeraJ_. CONGRATULATIONS AMEERA JULIYANA! I will Direct Message you on Twitter for your details so I can send the prizes out to you a.s.a.p. If you don't reply me in the next 24 hours, I will choose another winner. 

Thank you so much for everyone who entered and for your amazing supports! Don't be upset if you didn't win this giveaway because I will definitely do more giveaways in the future! Love you guys to the moon and back! :)

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Sabrina Tajudin said...

ala... hehe.. anyway congratulations! jeng jeng jeng! <3