August 3, 2013

Eat Healthy?

How often do we find ourselves saying "I want to start eating healthily" without knowing the true meaning of what is actually healthy to eat and what isn't?
If you're like me, you are probably lying to yourself. 
I always thought I was eating healthily but how can I eat healthily if I don't even know what is healthy food in the first place?

It's not good to binge eat, sure. But how many of you know that it's also not good to avoid eating completely? I used to be so insecure about my weight that I don't eat anything except an apple and 3 cups of plain water every single day. I lost weight, yes. But was I healthy? Not at all. 

Since I stopped being a Pescetarian (another 'way' of mine to lose weight but it was a complete fail), I started eating chicken, meat and lamb. I haven't been gaining weight at all though but had been losing instead. I also feel a lot more energetic than I was when I was a pescetarian. So I know to avoid all kinds of meat completely is not the way to go. I now know what is actually good and what is bad for my body. But what is knowledge if you don't share it with others, right?

So I would like to share with you the Top 10 Food to eat and to avoid for heartburn and indigestion. 

The picture above shows bad food and good food according to the color. Red being the most acidic and not good for you and green is good for your body.

I find it easier to control what I eat during the month of Ramadhan. However, after one month of fasting, when Eid comes, where all the good food we all love will be served at every single house we visit. How can one avoid food during Eid then? 

Well, to me, you don't have to avoid it completely. You can have them but eat in small portions. That's the key. But of course, if you're strong enough to avoid them, you can do that too. 

Now that you know all the good food for you, let's all eat only the good food so we all can be healthy this Eid! :)

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