October 9, 2013

What I Love : Fall Fashion Trends ♡

Malaysia doesn’t have 4 seasons but that doesn’t mean we Malaysians can’t participate in the beauty and fashion trends every season, right? If you ask me what my favorite season is, I would definitely say Fall in a heartbeat. Fall has always been my favorite season of all time, not only because the weather is perfection, but also because the fashion and beauty trends during Fall season is the best. I love sweater weather, where you don’t have to bundle up yourself in 5 layers of clothes but it’s still cold outside that you can wear knit sweaters and combat boots. What is more perfect than that? Yeap, absolutely nothing.

Now that it’s Fall in The States, I figured why not I list down my favorite Fall beauty and fashion trends so you guys can get some inspirations and ideas on what you can try this Fall.

1. Dark and bold lips

This definitely deserves to be on top my list because I am totally in love with all the dark red or berry lips this Fall. I have been wearing darker lips recently and I love it!

2.     Winged and thick eyeliner

Think Lana Del Ray and you’ll get what I mean. I’ve been wearing the winged and thick eyeliner on my eyes a lot lately. At first I was so frustrated every time I apply it because the “wings” are always different on the other eye. It was very hard for me to get used to the angle and how I should apply so both eyes will look the same and now, with days of practice, I finally master it!

3.     Knit sweaters/jumpers

Ahh, who doesn’t love knit sweaters? They are comfy and warm. I know Malaysia is very hot but sometimes when I go to the mall or class, where there are air conditioners, I don’t mind putting on the thick knit sweaters just because they look good and comfy. I usually like the over sized ones because to me the bigger the better. The fact that knit sweaters look good by itself is definitely a plus. You don’t have to worry about accessories or what shoes to wear because it’ll look stunning with anything you put on after.

4.     Top knots

I’m so sad that this year my hair is too short to make a topknot bun. I love the look of a topknot messy bun, especially during the Fall time where you can wear your hair in a high bun and sweaters and leggings…

Just imagining it makes me happy.

5.     Colorful tights

I love tights. Thick ones, thinner ones, patterned ones, colored ones. All of them!

I’m not a person who actually wears short skirts or shorts. So when Fall comes, I’m so excited to wear short skirts and shorts because then I can cover up with tights. I love pairing my colored tights with dresses and shorts. 

I think they look the best when the colors contrast with each other just like Blair Waldorf always pair her tights with her skirts and dresses.

Okay so those are some of the trends that I’m looking forward to this Fall. If you have any other ideas or favorite trends this season, let me know in the comment section, so we all can share our favorite trends!


h.a.n said...

I love Lana Del Ray , she so sexy and no doubt for Blair Waldorf :)

Ayeen Kadir said...

h.a.n : Yes, indeed she is! And Blair Waldorf has the best wardrobe right :D