January 2, 2014

TEDxYouth KL 2013

I love going to motivational talks or self development workshops or anything relatively close to that. If you don't know what TED is, it's basically a non profit organization that organizes conferences that gather inspirational speakers to spread their ideas and experiences towards success. In life, in business, entertainment, technology and just about anything. I love the idea of TED because it definitely inspires and motivates people around the world, especially youths. Like me. I found TED talks to be very useful and entertaining because it doesn't just focus on one thing only. It's not always boring and all "business". Although I'm not implying that business is a boring thing but you know what I mean. TED talks include people from different backgrounds, successful in their own ways. Starting up their businesses, failed and didn't give up, people who came out with an innovation to improve lives, people who fight for the environment or animals, even people in the entertainment industry, who work through days and nights just to produce something for the society to enjoy during their leisure time. You know, all these people are very inspiring. So to witness their talks right in front of my own eyes was one of the best moments in my life. I always watch TED talks on my phone (you can download the TED app in the AppStore!) while having my breakfast, every day. I don't know about you, but other than exercising and eating healthy breakfast in the morning, I find that watching inspirational videos and reading motivational books before starting my day can really make the rest of my day better. I am more enthusiastic and motivated to go through the day and do productive activities throughout the day when I started the day with a combination of exercising, good breakfast and talks or videos in the morning. You should try that too, if you want to change the way you look at things in your daily lives. I assure you, you'll be more positive than ever! Include that as your New Year's resolution if you want. After all, I once read that a simple action can change everything.

Back to TED. 

On November 16th 2013, my brother and I attended the TEDxYouth in KL. My brother sponsored me the ticket because he knows how badly I wanted to go. The tickets were only RM50.00, but to have someone pay for me is way better. Haha. It was held at the Penthouse @ The Icon near Jalan Ampang. My brother and I played safe by taking the train to the venue because we didn't want to get stuck in the crazy traffic. 

We had our breakfast after registering at this little cafe just opposite The Icon called Danielle's. They have awesome American Brownies is all I can say because that was the only thing I had. But the cafe's ambiance is really nice. Sort of like a chill atmosphere. 

Before we were allowed to go in the hall for the conference to start, my brother and I went around and met new people. It was just so amazing of how these people are so successful and I like talking to them because they all have this positive energy that I can feel surrounding the whole place. 

Oh and I also met one of my juniors from high school and he was a volunteer for TEDxYouth! How cool is that?!

Some of the speakers were Razif Hashim (an Actorpreneur), Azim Hulaimi (Co-founder of Mira Digital & Visual Effect Artist, was apart of the making of Life of Pi), JinnyBoy (Youtuber & Radio DJ), Gajen Nad ( A standup comedian), Dr. Clarence Tan (Ambassador of Singularity University), Dr. Lovisa (A Marine Biologist), Yit Ming (Co-Founder of Soft Space), Christian BPalencia (A Barefoot Musician) and my most favourite speakers that day, Joyce (Founder of Otak Otak) and Li Kheng Phng (A business Extraordinaire). All the speakers gave amazing speeches, I must say. Truly inspiring! 

I know this is really late, but I want to thank my brother again for sponsoring me the ticket and going there with me. I'm really lucky to have a brother who always support me in everything I do and share the same visions and interests as me. I love you, Abang! *blowskisses*

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