January 3, 2014

BEAUTY REVIEW : Benefit's They're Real Mascara

I used to skip mascara everytime I do my make up because I think it doesn’t really change anything. My eyelashes are pretty curled naturally but the problem is the fact that it’s not long or full. Like, at all. So I decided to skip the mascara altogether. “It won’t even make a difference”, I said to myself. Boy, was I wrong!

I realized now that mascaras are the most brilliant creation in the beauty industry. Aside from eyeliners, of course. Mascaras give so much difference to my eyes and I can’t believe I wasted half of my life neglecting my eyelashes un-mascara-ed. If I were to be isolated on an island all by myself, and you ask me what are two things that I would bring with me, one of them would be mascara. I have tried a lot of drugstore mascaras and so far I love love love the Maybelline’s Rocket mascara.

However, I came across Benefit’s They’re Real and I’m sold. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING is better than this one.

I used to say that mascaras are all the same. Drugstores or high ends, different brands, different formula but the result will always be the same. It only adds some volume or length to your eyelashes but that’s it. Nothing more. You might as well just buy the cheapest mascara there is, and it will still look the same.

I was so freaking wrong. Again!

Now I understand what’s all the hype was about. Benefit’s They’re Real mascara truly gives the ‘umph’ that your eyelashes need. Volume, length, curl. You name it, you got it with this mascara. I am not even joking. Nor am I being bias. Everyone knows how much I love Benefit but I will never gush about a product if I don’t sincerely love it. When I first tried this mascara, I was blown away. The second time, I tried to combine it with another mascara and I couldn’t stop looking at my eyes the whole day!  I’ve tried combining it with different mascaras and it works so good with every mascaras I’ve tried. But if you want the best results, I recommend putting on Maybelline’s Rocket mascara before you apply your They’re Real.

Before applying any mascara.

After one coat of Benefit's They're Real mascara.

After one coat of They're Real and one coat of Maybelline's Falsies mascara.
(I'm out of my Maybelline Rocket)

I even received compliments on my eyelashes now. Can you believe it? From the girl with no eyelashes to the girl who gets compliments on them? Now you understand how can I not love this product? I also had a few people coming up to me asking me things like :

People : Are you wearing falsies? They look so real!
Me: Oh come on, girlfriend. Falsies? Who has time for that *smirks*

Well, that was how I responded secretly in my heart. But the real respond was… 

Me : Nahh, I’m not wearing falsies. Just mascara but thank you! *smiles innocently* 

Had to keep my cool but in my heart, I was like, dancing and saying YES! Compliments on my eyelashes. That’s very rare! Hahaha I think you can imagine very well how I reacted.

So anyway, I hope you guys find this review helpful and if you’re planning on buying a mascara, I recommend you to go get your own They’re Real. It’s worth every penny, I guarantee you.

Once you’ve tried it, I bet you are never buying other mascaras your whole entire life.

You can definitely see the difference even from afar! My right eyelashes are non-existent but with the mascara, it makes my left eyelashes look longer and voluminous, making my eyes look brighter at the same time!

My verdict : 

Quality - ★★★★★
Result – ★★★★★
Price - ★★★★☆
Will I repurchase? – YES!

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Puteri Panda said...

Bila skrol ke bawah tengok gambar Ayeen pakai 1 coat Benefit They're Real Mascara tu perkataan keluar dari mulut saya, WOW! Haha. Saya suka mascara. Rasa lain bila keluar tanpa pakai mascara. Masuk wishlist ni. Hehe. Very nice review! <3