February 4, 2014

REVIEW : EOS Lip Balm & Where To Buy??

If you are a make up addict or crazy about the beauty community on YouTube like me, then you probably know about this little egg-like thing called the EOS lip balm. EOS lip balms have gone viral everywhere among us beauty addicts. However, this precious thing is not available on the racks in my country, Malaysia. We don’t have Target, we don’t have Walmart and we certainly do not have Ulta. Imagine how we Malaysians feel when all we see on YouTube are EOS Lip balms but we couldn’t get our hands on them!

I remember going into this random Asian store and saw a shelf full with different colors of EOS lip balms. I really thought I hit Jack Pot that time! It was RM15.00 each and of course I had to buy two! I once saw it at only $1 at Target when I was in LA a couple of years back, which is RM3.00 plus if I convert it but since I can’t just easily get them here, RM15.00 sounds cheap and affordable. I used them for a couple of months and stopped using them because I think their smells changed after a while and they also melt so easily. I couldn’t bring them in my bag because then they melt due to the Malaysia’s weather which usually will go up to 33 degrees on normal days. Not just that, the skin of the egg-thing (I really don’t know what to call it! Haha) also started to peel off after awhile. It was really weird and I started to doubt why people rave about this thing so much when the quality is really poor.

Last week I received an email from a wonderful girl, Mia Sharifuddin. She first started the email telling me how proud she is that there’s actually a Malaysian who makes beauty videos on YouTube. I was really flattered and pleased with all her kind words! I mean I’m sure there are a lot more Malaysian Beauty YouTubers out there but the fact that she found me and approached me in the best way ever was what made me happy. We started talking and told me she actually is studying in LA and owns an online store selling EOS lip balms. She sells them for RM30.00 each including postage and they come straight from Los Angeles! She also sent me one of the lip balms after that! How sweet is she???

When I received the parcel, I tore the wrappers up and was eager to see what color and flavor she sent me. Truthfully, I used to hate mint and couldn’t stand the taste of it but this year, I have been drinking mint tea a lot and have grown to like mint, especially peppermint. So when I opened the package from Mia, I found a baby blue EOS lip balm and tried it on for the first time. Whaddayaknow??! It’s MINT!!! I’ve been wearing it every single day and night since I received it. It’s so moisturizing!

After receiving the EOS from Mia, I now know that the two EOS(es?) that I purchased at the Asian store a year ago are not the real thing. They are not authentic because seriously, the feel of the EOS when I touch it is totally different; let alone the taste of it when I apply it on my lips. So be careful when you purchase your EOS lip balms, girls! I know there are a lot of online stores on Instagram or Facebook that sell EOS lip balm and claim that they ship the stuff from the States. Make sure they have reliable proves that they really ship those products straight from The States. No wonder people rave about this product so much. It really is amazing! It smoothens my lips and stays on for so long too! When I go to bed at night, I will apply it and I still can taste the Mint the next day. That’s how strong this lip balm is! It definitely is worth it if you ask me.

If you want to differentiate whether your EOS lip balm is authentic or not, here are some tips for you :

1.You will realize a change on the smell.
 2. The shape of lip balm itself will eventually turn more "rounded" than "pointy" after a while.
3. The one Mia sent me didn't melt like the two I purchased. 
4. The egg-thing (or the case of the lip balm) has some kind of "velvet" feeling to it when you touch it but the one I purchased feels just like hard plastic.

If you are contemplating to buy EOS lip balms but are not sure where to buy and which online store you should trust, then fret not! Mia Sharifuddin can ship them to you! Just check out her Online store’s Instagram here.

Make sure to let Mia know that I sent you! :D


Innanie Ariffin said...

akak ada sebiji telur ajaib! hhehe :)

*sound weird

I love it so much!

Puteri Panda said...

Ayeen, kes kita sama la. Terbeli yang fake. Masa tu online shop yang dipercayai belum ada jual EOS ni. Tu yang beli dengan seller lain. Murah punya pasal. Ya, packaging yang fake lama-lama akan jadi cair dan melekit. Kalau yang original packaging jenis plastik keras.

**Nak EOS original dan harga berpatutan boleh tengok di Strawberry-Tags. Selain EOS ada banyak lagi. :)