April 27, 2015

Meeting His Friends?!

Okay so this weekend it's all about meeting important people and being all nervous about it.

For both Amin (yes, guys we are calling him by his name now! Oh in case you're wondering, he's the new guy I talked about in this post) and I. 

Amin and I spent the whole day with my Mom for the first time on Friday. But my Mom was an easy stage to pass. He only had to make her laugh like a mad woman (which he is really good at. Making people laugh, I mean) and yeap, approved. Now Mom can't stop talking about him at home. Amin this.... Amin that..... 

Even I don't say his name that much. Pffffttttt.

On Saturday, he invited me to his friend's birthday party. I have all the reasons to be nervous about this one ;

1. These people have known him since he was that "naughty boy" in school. They practically grew up with him. Hence, they are the most important friends I need to get along with.

2. He told me this group of friends is really protective when it comes to who he's dating. 

3. Following to the previous point, there was an "incident" with the previous girl he was seeing and they were not really fond of her.

4. He was really serious when he told me that his friends wanted to inspect me and shoot me with questions before they decide whether they'll approve me or not.


So it's only logic that I want his most important friends to like me right??? I wasn't being paranoid okay??? 

When the day arrived, I wasn't nervous. Pfffttt not at all! *roll eyes* One of his friends said she can feel my body shaking when she took a picture with me. Yea guys, that's how not nervous I am....


I WAS TERRIFIED OKAY?! There I said it. I was nervous because I really don't want his friends to disapprove me. Their opinions matter a lot, so of course I want to make a good impression. Anyway, everything turned out fine despite all the drama I had in my head prior to meeting them. They are the most relaxed and funniest people to hang around with. But Amin certainly did not exaggerate when he told me they will inspect me with questions. 

"Where did you meet Amin?"
"How did you meet him?"
"How did he work his charm on you?"
"How did you fall in love with him?"
"Where did you graduate from?"
"What major did you take?"
"Where are you working right now?"
"What's your plan for the future?"
"Where's Amin's mole?" (I really don't know the answer to this and never thought of it but I'm curious to find out....)

And the list goes on and on.

But the most simple but interesting question : "If you really love Amin, what does he like?"

My answer?

"He likes me."

They all went "Woahhhh" and gave me a full 100 points for that one. No more questions asked. Hehe.

Phewwww, stage one ; PASSED. *wipe sweat off my forehead*

Some of the pictures his friends uploaded with the sweetest captions ☺️

Sunday night on the other hand, it was his turn to be nervous. I've been planning to bring my family out for dinner along with Amin. Since my little brother is back from his boarding school this week, I figured why not do it this weekend. Amin passed the Mom level. Now it's the DadBrotherSister level, which explains why he was so nervous. I enjoyed seeing him nervous though because he made me nervous the day before. Hehe.

However, Amin is not the kind of person who shows his nervousness.

"Are you nervous to see my family tonight, baby?"
"Of course I am! It's your family!"

But that night, his face was as cheerful as always. He chatted the night away with everyone at the table. He made his usual jokes and made us laugh. 

Nervous? Yeah right 😒

His meet up with my family was a boring one to tell because there was no drama at all.  Everything was easy for him. BOOOHHH-RINGGGG *yawn*

I'm still thankful that all the ice breaking sessions this weekend went so well!

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