October 15, 2015

#8HoursofLux Bold & Beautiful Campaign

Do you know how annoying it is when you found a shower gel that smells so good and you bought it hoping you’d smell so good throughout the whole day but the fragrance just don’t last? Some shower gels can’t even last a couple hours. Being a fragrance addict that I am, I’ve experienced this a lot. I always tend to purchase good smelling things only to find out that I have to shower at least 5 times a day to make the smell lasts all day.

That is why when I was invited to this campaign by Lux, I was thrilled and curious. It is said that the long lasting fine fragrance from Lux can last for up to 8 hours. I was of course, doubting the truth behind that statement. And so.. I RSVP-ed to the invitation, wanting to know more about this long lasting fine fragrance that is Magical Spell.

“8 hours?”
“Yeah right”, I told myself.

I admit, I was being skeptical about it. Well, don’t blame me. Blame the thousands of shower gel bottles I’ve tried but was never satisfied.

Since (and I quote) the Lux Magical Spell can lasts up to 8 hours, the campaign is scheduled for 8 full hours. From 10am to 6pm, which was pretty shocking to me. Usually the events I was invited to will end in no more than 2 and a half hours, max. But now, 8 hours? Wow, Lux really wants to prove me wrong, I thought to myself. Hehe.

I arrived at the venue in Sunway Damansara sharp at 10am. I wanted to be there earlier but you know us girls (or is it just me? Just me? Yeah okay….). My right wing eyeliner was not streaked the same angle as the left. So…. Yeah. There goes my 10 minutes.

Anyway, I knew Sabrina Tajuddin was coming to this event as well. So we texted each other saying that we should meet up at the entrance so we can go in together. When we arrived, we were greeted by the friendliest people. We were also offered drinks while waiting for the rest of the media to arrive. While waiting, I had the chance to meet the other 6 bloggers who were participating in the make over by Lux. Aside from Sabrina, I met Charis, Sarah, Chenelle, Shea, Namee and Cik Epal.

The event started with the host welcoming the guests, talked a little bit about Lux and Magical Spell, followed by speeches by Chong Yen Nee, Category Head Senior Brand Manager, Total Skin, Unilever Malaysia Holdings Sdn Bhd.  as well as the special celebrity guest, Juliana Evans.

The objective of this campaign is to inspire women all over the world to be bold and beautiful by stepping out of their comfort zone but still feel confident with themselves. With Lux Magical Spell, which contains powerful fragrance of black orchid, juniper oil and a blend of dark woods, golden amber and vanilla bean, the fragrance can provoke the boldness and bring out the sensual confidence in a woman.

All guests were then invited over to the fragrance corner where we can experience the long lasting fine fragrance that is Lux Magical Spell right there and then. I couldn’t miss the opportunity so I went to the fragrance corner and tried it on, with the help of Lux R&D team of course! After she exfoliated my hand with the cute purple loofah, I straight away put my hand to my nose so I can smell it.

Mmmm, yes. It smells gooood.


Yes, there’s a but. I was still doubting its ability to lasts up to 8 hours! So let’s just wait till this event ends and I can smell my hands again, then we can jump to a conclusion, alright? *smirks*

After lunch, all the media went back while the remaining 8 bloggers stay for the make over. We were all so anxious because we didn’t know what to expect from the make over.

What if I didn’t like it? *gasp*

The make up team from SUB International School of Beauty and Make-Up was all ready at the vanity tables, waiting for us. Once seated, I realized the lack of mirror presence. Yeap, there’s no mirror at all! Well, except the full-length mirror I saw stationed in the middle of the changing rooms. But even that mirror was covered with cloth over it. Dang, these people really meant it when they said “you are not allowed to see yourselves during the makeover”. Even our phones were taken away in a box! *cries* All of us were looking at each other when they took our phones away. Confusion and devastation were plastered all of our faces! But the team said that they don’t want us to take selfies of ourselves or take a peek at our make up and outfit before they reveal our full make over in front of the full-length mirror (yes, the mirror I saw earlier). I guess that’s the only mirror in the whole room.

Each one of us was styled with the help of fashion stylist, Min Luna alongside Juliana Evans. All the outfits chosen for us were all from ZALORA, which was pretty exciting. I mean, ZALORA is a reputable online brand and everyone knows that. Not only that, now they have their own store in Mitsui Outlet in Sepang. Impressive, I must say!

After our make up, we changed into the outfits chosen for us. I know what the outfit looks like (Juliana and Min explained to us on what our make-up should be and how our outfits should look like at the beginning of the makeover) but I had no idea if it'll look good on me. Not to mention, my make up! Oh no, what if I didn’t like the make up? Everything was recorded from start to finish. So I was pretty nervous on how to react in front of the mirror when they finally reveal my whole look.  Long story short, I did not run away. Nor did I faint after looking at myself in the mirror. Instead, I was honestly shocked. I couldn’t even recognize myself! The color combination of the outfit and the heavy eye shadows were not something I would choose to wear. However, I definitely feel confident with the bolder look I was donning! I really liked how it turned out, honestly speaking. Stepping out of my comfort zone never felt so good!



I mean, I can't believe my eyes. I looked so different!
So here's a better picture of me before and after side by side so you guys can see how different I looked after the make over!

 All of us were treated for a glamorous photo shoot after they revealed everyone’s makeovers. There was also a surprise where they would choose one winner who stands out and portrays confidence with the new look.


I was the winner!!!! SCREAMS!!!!

I didn’t expect it, honestly but it sure felt good to be on that stage as the winner for this bold and beautiful campaign.

As for the prize, I got to keep all the ZALORA pieces that were on me. How awesome is that?! Thank you ZALORA.

Now I am excited to see how the whole thing once it’s produced!

By the way, when the event ended at 7pm, Charis and I excitedly smelled our hands to see if the Magical Spell’s fragrance is still there. Yeap, the smell was still there, as if we just washed our hands with it only 5 minutes ago. Lux Magical Spell truly has the long lasting fine fragrance that lasts for up to 8 hours!

Finally, a shower gel that lasts!! JACKPOT!!!

To experience a luxurious shower, follow these three steps:

Step #1 - Lux
Wet the loofahs in the shower and pour a little Lux Magical Spell on the loofah.

Step #2 - Loofah
Gently massage the loofah to work into a rich, luxurious lather and enjoy the intense and alluring fragrance of Lux Magical Spell.

Step #3 - Lather
Massage all over your body to let the luxurious lather and its enchanting fragrance embrace your skin and sense!

Lux Magical Spell is available at all hypermarkets, supermarkets, pharmacies and trade outlets.

RM17.90 / 950 ml

RM6.00 / 220ml

While the refill pack is priced at RM8.90 / 600ml.

The campaign really made me realized that no matter what you choose to wear,  it’s your confidence that matters the most.

I was asked at the event to explain what being bold and beautiful means to me. Without hesitation, I said:

“Being bold and beautiful to me is being able to feel confident with who you are and what you choose to wear. It’s about being able to do that without thinking of other people’s judgments. It’s all about being true to yourself, loving yourself for it and showing to the world that you are confident and comfortable being in your own skin.”

What do you think? What does being bold and beautiful mean to you?
Let me know!


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