October 13, 2008

Student Exchange

My school had this student exchange thing this week. They collaborated with a school from Australia. The students had to go and introduce ourselves to them during the assembly. So my friends and I got around and mingle with them. Some of them were just too shy but most of them were so easy to talk to! My friends and I instantly clicked with this group of Australians. They were just so nice and friendly. But among them, I got close to this one particular 15 year old guy, Matt.

I don't know how we got so close but I think it was the time when he asked me to sit beside him to watch him play PSP. Then we got to talking, about his family, my family. And then he got to more personal stuffs. He asked about my boyfriend and I showed him a photo of Zahir in my phone. After that the conversation just went to something more relaxed and it was as if I knew him for a very long time. We share the same taste in music, so he asked me to hear some of the songs in his iPod.

That evening we had tea with the Australians students at a hall in Puchong. As the theme was traditional, I wore my Black Singapore Baju Kurung.

Ash was presenting his speech about being in Malaysia. He even talked in Malay :)

The Australians singing their anthem

His last day :(

And below are just random photos at school where we Malaysian students had to teach the Australians playing traditional games like congkak and batu seremban :)

Thats Franny and Matt, the most friendly guys

Brandon playing batu seremban and he sucks at it! :p

Matt trying to play batu seremban :D

Thats Nikketa, Matt, Thinesh, Idntknowwho, Brandon and Francois :)

Francois just doesn't know how to play ! ;p

It was such a good experience, to have foreign students in our school. But I was kind of embarrassed too since public schools in Malaysia have the ugliest structure and maintenance! Not that I'm a professional Architect or anything, but just saying..

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