November 24, 2008

Finally ,

Its been ages ! I was unable to blog since I can't online due to my big exam, SPM. I have another 2 and a half papers to go and I'll be free ! But despite the 2 and a half papers, I still have to wait 8 days to kiss my highschool books goodbye. Sighhh. Alot happened, of course. But not before SPM though because all I did was study my ass off for my History the first and second day. The first paper of my History was nothing like I imagined. It was tough. And so far I've had massive stress-ness over my Additional Mathematics paper only. Pheew, thank god huh ? I just hope all my hard work will pay off. I even managed to find a last minute private tutor for my Add Maths 3 days before the paper. English on the other hand, I enjoyed writing the essay as I'm really into writing. I wrote both my essays about my best friend, Fara :D She went all aww-you're-so-sweet on me when I told her about it. Haha.

Forget the exams. The reason I can blog now is that my daddy's not home. And that I have more than a week holidays till my second last paper. I can barely wait ! During my so-called holidays, I went to Ikea with Mom and like usual, as soon as I saw the restaurant in Ikea I forgot all my self promises the night before and started to stuff my face with foods. I cant help it if they serve nice and decent food there, right ? (: I ate a fish burger and fries, 'helped' Mom finish her mashed potato and veggies and for dessert, my favourite of all time, Daim cake. Yummmmmyy, I must say. After all, thats the only thing I MUST eat every time I go to Ikea. Even if I'm not hungry. yes :D After I finished off my last bit of oh so delicious cake, I continue stuffing the carrots on mommy's plate. Its a good think I turned pescetarian, you know. Because if I didnt, I will surely eat the chicken pie Mom was having too. Haha. I had to pack my cinnamon roll in a paper bag since my stomach was like ready to burst. When I was on the way back home, the whole Usj was flooded. Mom was so scared and started talking like we were going to drown right then and there. Haha. I tried to crack stupid jokes and Mom was like 'Im too scared to laugh right now' but she laughed anyway. Lol. We were relief when we arrived home safely.

Now back to studies, I've been lazing around on the couch every single day without studying for my remaining papers. Account and Economics are really important, I know. But everyday when I woke up I will promise myself that I will study but then I'll just watch tv and sleep the whole day. And now I'm starting to panic ! Ironically, Im panicking but I have no intention to study at all. Gahhh, somebody shoot me in the head, for gods sake.

Last night I was famishing for food. The whole family and I went to send daddy off to KLIA. And hearing Mom said 'no, we're going straight back home after sending your daddy' after my little brother, Irfan asked her 'are we going to eat out later ?' was the most disappointing moment in my life ! Okay maybe I'm exaggerating a little but like, I didn't eat since noon and it was midnight. How could I not be hungry ? But then Mom felt sorry for her children and took us to a 24hours mamak restaurant in usj17. I ate a little and started feeling sick. So I stopped eating. When I got home Mom invited Nina and I to sleep in her room since Dad's in Beijing. I woke up this morning with sore on my whole body. That is what I get from sleeping next to Nina. Haha.

I had a talk with Mom this evening about my future. I told her Im confuse and that I'm afraid that I will choose the wrong path when Im in college. Mom said not to worry and hearing her explanation about college life send a slight chill in my body. Mom also said that maybe this week we'll go register for my driving test. Finally. Oh well, I cant stop thinking about my life after SPM. Im thinking about getting a part time job anywhere. Yeah, anywhere BUT a restaurant or any stores that has anything to do food. I've had enough of sore body parts every night from my job at Baskin Robbins last year. So yeah, Im thinking more of a clothing store or maybe MPH or something. As long as the pay's good, then Im all for it :D

Wow, this is an awfully long post. Need to eat my dinner. Till then (:

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